Monday, April 27, 2009

Yo-Yo Weather Capital of Canada

Hello everyone, sorry for not being on top of my blogs, but it has been a busy second half of April. Today is my youngest birthday (5 years old) And job hunting takes alot out of a person.

This weather one day is fantastic and then the next day is like a cold fall day, when will our beautiful weather arrive?

Have fun and enjoy the sun.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gmail down for certain email accounts

I noticed gmail was not working and on a whim searched the news for “gmail down.” It seems I am afflicted by the same temporary service interruption that others have been seeing. Things were working fine until about 10 minutes ago.
I route a number of accounts to my primary gmail account and use it throughougt the day, almost every day. So it was a no-brainer to pour some money into more cloud storage. However, it is worth noting: paid or unpaid my account went down like the rest.
Since it is 10:30am, I’m not really upset about the outage–but article linked above does point out the important idea of forwarding copies of all mail you receive from gmail to a second, different cloud storage provider.
I shudder at the idea of using Yahoo or Hotmail even as a backup. Simply seeing these domains in people’s primary email addresses gathers up some initial judgment about the person’s basic computer saviness.
Email is like electric power. You expect it to be cheap and ubiquotous. For the rare times that there is a brownout in your neighborhood, it does make sense to look at having a full backup of mail destined for your gmail on a different service provider.
I just checked and gmail is working again for me. Back to it. I’ll spend some more time thinking about a backgmailup cloud for my gmails

Spring Snow Storm

On April 6, our town received 20+ cm of snow and just think, I was planning last week to take out all the backyard patio furniture. Instead i had to take out the snow shovel and kids snowpants.

In 2 days Easter weekend approaches and instead of having a nice spring day with the BBQ and he kids playing on the Trampoline, we will stay couped inside looking outside and second guessing if it Christmas all over again.

Today is day 82 for me and still searching for employment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 78 and still no work

Good morning, it is Saturday April 4, the kids are up early and playing in their rooms, it is 8:07 am and I am in the kitchen searching through and to no such luck. Comin from a management position + this economy = not even able to find a retail job in the mall.

It is now day 78 of being unemployed and it is starting to set a toll on the family and myself.

Lets hope on Monday there are jobs on the market.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009