Monday, August 31, 2009

Textecution for Android disables texting while driving

Textecution for Android disables texting while driving

Textecution is a new application for Android that completely disables texting while driving. The software is designed for parents to install on their teenage driver’s phone so they know their child is safe behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Textecution works by quietly running in the background and monitoring the phone’s movement. When the app recognizes the phone is traveling over 10 mph, it disables the texting feature so that no messages can be sent or received.
When riding as a passenger, users can request a special permission to use texting features. This process works by sending a text message to the Administrator’s account that allows them approve or deny the request. In addition to texting, Parents can also block web browsing, email, instant messaging, and YouTube.
The app sounds like a great idea, but with Android you can’t block applications from being removed. This means the responsibility remains on the parent to make sure the app stays installed.
Textecution is currently available in the Android Market for $9.99.
We all know that texting and driving is stupid, but I understand the temptation. Studies show 46 percent of drivers ages 16 to 17 admit to texting while driving. If this app could prevent a single accident, then I guess its worth the price.
I’ve made several jokes about texting and driving, but I realize it’s no laughing matter. The following public service announcement video from the UK is a gruesome reminder on the dangers of texting and driving. It will definitely make you think twice before grabbing your phone next time you are in the car.

amAze GPS Now Available For Blackberry

amAze GPS Now Available For Mutliple Blackberry

amAze is now available on the Blackberry. What is amAze? amAze is a free navigaton and local search service. Until today, I had never heard of it. I downloaded it this morning and I was quiet impressed with how accurate it was and how many POIs came up. amAze is no match for paid, carrier, or purchased GPS service, but for FREE, it is quite the little awesome app.
With amAze you get all of the options below to turn your Blackberry into portable GPS system, and did I mention that it is FREE!

-Visual and voice guidance to any destination
-Search or define any location by its address
-Search and navigate to businesses listed in local search directories (where available)
-Present any required location on the map
-View and use dynamic high quality maps at various scales
-View and navigate over high resolution satellite images
-Calculate the fastest way between two locations
-Save and manage personal favorites list.

To see the supported Blackberry device list, click here. Want to see a demo? Click here!
Point your Blackberry browser here ot download amAze. To download amAze via barcode reader, SMS, or PC click here.


Free Pacman Updated for Bold, Tour, & 8900 Curve

Free Pacman Updated for Bold, Tour, & 8900 Curve

WAYYY back in 2007 we told you that Benny Chow released a slick free Pacman game for BlackBerrys.
Sadly over the years it stopped working in full screen on newer devices due to recent OS improvements.
Fast forward to 2009 where cslaten spotted an update by Benny Chow that brings full screen compatibility for the Bold, Tour, & 8900 Curve! Nice work Benny Chow!

Tour, Bold and Curve 8900 – OTA Download Link

Curve 85xx, 83xx, 8800 series and Pearl – OTA Download Link


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Android theme for the BlackBerry Storm

Free Android theme for the BlackBerry Storm

ECruz0102 has posted a free Android theme on the CBForums. The theme supports BlackBerry Storm 95xx devices and OS 4.7. Remember, this is only a theme so don’t expect any OS changes. The theme comes in two versions.
The first, gives you the bottom mounted dock on the main screen, giving you quick access to your ten most-used applications.
The second, version has a Today-Plus theme with five user apps docked at the bottom.

This is an unofficial theme that may not be totally QA’d so install at your own risk. Battery pull required.

Get Android X here.
5 User Icons on top and 10 on the slide all users icons with today plus feature

Get Bottom Slide Dock v1.3 here.
1.3 alarm indicator relocated and resize and underlay added to slide menu.

Get TodayPlus Version v1.3 here.
Top 2 icons are Messages and Calendar Bottom Dock is Top 5 users App and the Tab is a button for the App Menu. Underlays for the main screen also.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Free HTC Hero Theme For The BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold And Tour

Free HTC Hero Theme For The BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold And Tour

EThemes is back with a new theme called HTC Hero for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, Bold and Tour available for FREE!
Hero to the left, Hero to the right everywhere you go there is a Hero around you. EThemes take on Hero UI. 5 user define icons, Calendar, Messages and SmsMms Preview Screens, Weather Slot Icon, QuickLaunch Icon, Media Icon and Network Icon, set it up right you would never have to leave the homescreen at all!!!!!
Weather App must be the first App on your App Screen
Apps 2-6 are the 5 user define icons on the dock
Calendar, Messages and Sms/Mms cannot be your 5 user define icons since they have there own screen. It would look odd since the today part will be covering the middle icons on the dock You wont be able to select the today part only preview the 4 entries

HTC Hero for the Curve 8900
Calendar, Messages, Sms/Mms Version: OTA
Calendar, Messages(Combine) Version: OTA

HTC Hero for the Bold 9000
Calendar, Messages, Sms/Mms Version: OTA (set inbox to separate)
Calendar, Messages(Combine) Version: OTA (set inbox to combined)

HTC Hero for the Tour 9630
Calendar, Messages, Sms/Mms Version: OTA
Calendar, Messages(Combine) Version: OTA

Hypnotize theme for the Storm

Hypnotize theme for the Storm

Here is a new theme from our very own Rellims called Hypnotize for the Blackberry Storm.
This is a very cool and wall paper friendly theme.
Even better news, it is free so grab it up quick while you can!

Head over to Rellims's theme forum to grab the OTA link and leave a comment by clicking Here


HOT! BlackBerry Odin 9550/9520 on Video

HOT! BlackBerry Odin 9550/9520 on Video

Our frend salomondrin has dropped another video of the BlackBerry Odin 9550 he also mentions that there will be a GSM version with the model number 9520.
This is a great video and it answers alot of questions. The number one question I have had is how the screen is going to work, that question is answered in a way even I understood.
It’s called Piezo technology, I’ll let you watch the video to see the details but basically the screen does not click as the first Storm did.
When the screen is powered off it is hard, when powered on it softens and offers slight tactile feed back, but still does not click. Confused.
Watch this great video, I cannot wait for this phone.

Official Bold v4.6.0.292 from Telecomunicaciones Movilnet

Official Bold v4.6.0.292 from Telecomunicaciones Movilnet

Nelson sent us through this little tip all the way from Venezuela. Telecomunicaciones Movilnet have just released the newest Official release for the Bold.
You can pick it up at the link below:

For those not with this carrier, you will need to delete the vendor .xml file (Go to c:\program file\common files\research In Motion\Apploader and delete the vendor.xml file).

Thanks for the tip Nelson.Please Share With A Friend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Smarter Agent Launches Free, GPS-enabled Real Estate App for BlackBerry Storm

Smarter Agent Launches Free, GPS-enabled Real Estate App for BlackBerry Storm

Yes…the wait is finally over for all you BlackBerry Storm owners!!! Smarter Agent, the pioneer in mobile real estate search, has just launched their new GPS enabled real estate search app. What does it do? Well, it simply means, irrespective of where you are and no matter what time of the day, you can get access to a whole range of information about properties in your desired location, view their pictures, see their prices…and the list is endless!
All you have to do is, just install this software in your BlackBerry Storm or other BlackBerry phones, and there you go!! No longer do you have to consult this agent and that agent, run about for searching for homes. Everything is just one touch away!
Key features of Smarter Agent’s GPS-enabled real estate app are:
Easy to use
This free app allows you to look for “Homes for Sale”, which will give you a list of properties in more than 300 markets across the nation. It also has an additional feature, the “Recently Sold” option, which gives the prices of homes which have been sold during the last three years.
Simplified Search
The search process is really simple. Using your Storm, GPS Quick Search feature will find your location and present all the property listings surrounding you. Using other convenient search options of Smarter Agent’s free app, you can search for homes by their address, community name, city code as well. What’s more? You even have the option of searching for properties based on their type, price, distance and beds,.Upgraded features
For the BlackBerry Storm, Smarter Agent’s free app has been upgraded to include: A graphically dynamic interface with icons for every command; More powerful GPS capabilities; Data on “Recently Sold Homes”; Option to SMS text a property listing to a friend; and Screen adjustment for landscape view
Minimum Requirements for Smarter Agent’s free, GPS-enabled real estate app
All BlackBerry devices can avail this enhanced version also; however the landscape view feature is only available on the Storm. The search capabilities of GPS will vary with your device and carrier.
So, if you want to search all the homes which are for sale and those, which have been sold recently, all you have to do is just visit their website and get set go!
All this for a reasonable price of $0.00. Yes, it is absolutely free guys!!!

Website: Smarter Agent’s GPS-enabled real estate app

(Via BlackBerry Insight)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Storm 2 Release Date Sept 15th - Telus

Storm 2 Release Date

What? Can it be? Oh it is.
We were just tipped by one of our well trusted sources that Telus will be releasing the Storm 2 on September 15th. Keep in mind this is not an official date set by Telus so we will call it an unofficial release date until they do announce a release date. There is no information just yet as to a date for Verizon as those doors to that room are highly guarded but rumor has it will be some time in October.
Either way, Telus users are in for some fun!!

update: There is a Telus commercial that is advertising about a Sept 15th date for something important.

Hm, a Storm 2 possibly?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T3's concept mobile

The 01 Phone marches on with T3 reader-inspired upgrades and a prototype model just around the corner...

After tirelessly collating all of your revolutionary suggestions for the 01 Phone we’ve gone back to the drawing board, or at least The Alloy has – our drawing skills don’t extend beyond stick men. And now we're proud to present the upgraded, snazzed-up version of the 01 Phone, complete with nattily redesigned miniphone and based on what you want.

Click on the links below to launch the gallery and see how we've used the feedback from thousands of emails, comments and even phone calls we received from you guys to create the 01 Phone Mark.II. Then check out the video animation to see the handset is sexy 3D.

The 01's UI and features in pics: Amazing 01 phone Mk.III 01 phone Mk.II

So what's new?

We've dropped the miniphone/stylus that resided in the back of the handset. It's now a separate device with wired earphones, because 27% of you said you don't want to see wireless earphones. Its lithium polymer battery charges directly from the main phone and it can be clipped onto your collar for making and receiving calls, as well as listening to music.

The 5.0-megapixel camera has been upgraded to 8.0-megapixel and we've also promised to include a Xenon flash. All the better to see you with.

And what's next?

Firstly, we’ll be creating a model of the 01 Phone with an operational slide-out keyboard and port cover, and we'll be taking that to Mobile World Congress to see what the industry thinks of our game-changing device.

So if you're attending the show in Barcelona next week, drop in on The Alloy's stand and check out the 01 Phone for yourself - they'll have it on display, and would love the opportunity to show you the new features and get your feedback.
Then we’re turning our attention to China. We’ll be talking to manufacturers in the Far East to discuss actually making the phone. The Chinese market is vastly more advanced than Europe in terms of features, so if we’re going to make the most sophisticated phone ever we’ll be needing to forge relationships out there. Keep checking in at for updates…

In the meantime, check out our video (in full-screen for a better viewing experience) and new

photos here, and as ever, let us know what you think in the comments below.

HTC Sense Coming to HTC Magic, Not T-Mobile myTouch 3G

Hooray! HTC Magic users will be glad to know that they'll be able to upgrade their devices toHTC Sense, the sexy, wonderful UI that have people going gaga over on the HTC Hero. If you've forgotten how lovely HTC Sense is, feel free to check out our coverage on what we feelis a major step forward for Android.

One bad thing though, this bit of news doesn't apply to T-Mobile myTouch 3G users. Due to licensing issues, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and other Magics with the "with Google" branding won't be able to officially upgrade to HTC Sense. We're not exactly sure how the legalities work but it probably has to do with Google and T-Mobile not wanting non-Google/T-Mobile approved software floating around on their handets. Lame. There's always the good folks at xda for you though...

But if you've got yourself a HTC Magic without Google branding, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. You'll be able to rock your device like the forthcoming HTC Hero. Kudos to you all.

Android Powered Tablet

We know next to nothing about this Android-powered MID (pictured above) other than the fact that we wouldn't mind using one and that it looks exactly like an iPhone, right down to the black border and chrome trim. The MID also looks to include SD card expansion, a couple of buttons, and maybe even phone capabilities. Yeah, vague, we know.

Overall, we're going to keep an eye on this completely unknown device because as much as an Android tablet is noteworthy, an iPhone-look-a-like Android tablet is even better.

What do you guys think? Straight rip off? Interesting?

(Via Engadget)

SmrtGuard upgraded to version 1.95

SmrtGuard upgraded to version 1.95

Looks like we got another software upgrade.

This time it is SmrtGuard and it has been upgraded today to version 1.95. Change Log:

1. More Robust Remote Wiping that wipes out Password Word Keeper, Facebook, Phone Application
2. Backup and Restore secured by Advanced Encrption Standard (AES) encryption
3. Easy and secured activation verification process with secure key exchange mechanism via HTTPS
4. New "Smrt Backup" that only backs up if there have been changes in your personal data. It is a more efficient way to backup!
5. Bug fixes on dashboard

To upgrade, all you need to do is point your blackberry broswer to SmrtGuard - Your Smartphone Guardian™ and click on download.

(Via BlackberryOS)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BlackBerry Pro v3- Tour Edition! UPDATED!

BlackBerry Pro v3- Tour Edition! UPDATED!

FREE THEMEBRAND NEW for the BlackBerry Tour 9630!New version 3.1.1Many tweaks have been added and bugs fixed.*New Bottom Launch Bar has been added. A feature previously only available on the Storm.* Font sizes fixed* Lock screen updated*Navigation links updated* Plus many more small enhancements & bug fixes*Bonus 6th version - BLACK!

BlackBerry Pro v3 RED OTA DESKTOP
BlackBerry Pro v3 BLUE OTA DESKTOP
BlackBerry Pro v3 PINK OTA DESKTOP

95xx Free Theme - BLAK Series!

95xx Free Theme - BLAK Series!

Another Free theme set from Natemz. This one is packed with 7 color versions. All themes are Hidden Today, Dual OCD themes. New feature in this set is the "Tab Bar". Four tabs, linked to the most common apps, that highlight when tapped.This theme is compatible with OS with all themes, it is highly recommended that you do a battery pull after installation.


Llama v1.0.0 – New Application of BlackBerry

Llama v1.0.0 – New Application of BlackBerry

Do you often lose your way down the lanes of the city searching for malls? Do you feel that a guide would help you sort roads and directions with ease? Then there’s just the news you are waiting for. Llama is just the thing you are in need of-llama v1.0.0, another wonderful and innovative application used by BlackBerry users.
Developed by the developers of llama curve, llama v1.0.0 is BlackBerry compatible software. It is a guide to the various malls in US. It has a directory of a number of malls in the US, which include the current deals and also a shop finder application for the malls featured in the directory.
The key features of llama v 1.0.0 are:
Provides maps of a number of malls in the USIt searches for all the maps of the malls in the United States. There is no need now to frantically search for directions to reach the mall of your choice. All you need to do is to go to the applications menu and look through llama and et voilá! There’s your mall.
Provides color maps of the malls The maps of the malls are very colorful with different colors representing every feature in the malls. The maps even show the location of each and every store in the malls.
Equipped with store finder for the malls An excellent innovation, this application allows the user not only to locate the various malls across the country, but in finding the various stores in the malls as well. You do not need to skirt through the mall to get to the Shoppe of your choice. All you need to do is turn to your friendly llama and you are just where you want to be.
Provides information about the malls Another wonderful feature of this software is that it provides accurate information on the current deals and offers going on in the malls that are there in its directory. So, you can sit at home and get to know what’s going on and what’s for sale in which mall just by switching on your phone. What can be better for people, who like to “Shop till they drop”?

Minimum requirements of Llama v1.0.0 Helpful as it is, there are few factors, which are to be kept in mind when you want to get the maximum benefit of this application. The devices compatible with this software are BlackBerry 9500 (Storm) and BlackBerry9530/9530T (Storm). A standard BlackBerry Storm is compatible with this software. It requires a display dimension of 480×360. The operating system required is 4.7 Touch screen. So don’t wait anymore and grab your piece today.

Website: Llama download

BlackBerry Messenger 5.08

BlackBerry Messenger 5.08

I’ve been getting some emails and BBM messages asking where the links where, they are still up, I had to move some of the files around on my server so some of the old links may not be valid, but here are the updated links plus a few more versions that have been floating around for some of the new 5.0 OSs. At first there where alot of bad reports but all versions seem to be working great after RIM switched on all the features. If your worried about losing your contacts, here’s a great tip from one of the commenter’s, not sure if it works but it’s worth the try.
After the installation finishes, don’t select “Reboot Device” Select No or whatever the other option is, back out to your homescreen, the reboot the handheld manually by either a battery pull, or quick pull or some other third party app. *Tip: hold left alt, right shift and del at the same time for a couple of seconds to reboot also.*
This has apparently been a workaround for losing your contacts, let me know in comments below if it works for you.


For Editions
For 4.6/Bold
For 4.6.1/Javelin
For 4.7/Storm
For 4.7.1/Tour
For 5.0/All
For 5.1/Storm2
Desktop Manager Install(All OS Versions)

Forward, Reply & Edit 1.3 Fixes APN Tunnel Failed Issues

Forward, Reply & Edit 1.3 Fixes APN Tunnel Failed Issues

Free Forward, Reply & Edit application application has been updated to version 1.3. In case you do not remember this app lets you edit the original text in a forward or reply before sending it. It does not work with emails that have attachments but it does offer you some options.
Some users were having APN and Tunnel Failed issues with version 1.3 so they released a new version that has APN setting options. You may not have to set them if you already have them set in Settings -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP. If that does not work you may need to copy them into the options page in the application. If you do not know your carrier’s APN settings you can probably find it at this link.
Pick up the update at this link

NOTE: The application is not 100% free but you just need to send a link for the app to a friend to register the application which is pretty painless

Friday, August 14, 2009

GPush iPhone app instantly notifies Gmail users when there’s a new email

GPush iPhone app instantly notifies Gmail users when there’s a new email

Here’s an interesting application for iPhone-ownin’ Gmail users. It’s called GPush and it instantly notifies Gmail users of new emails in their inbox. It’s not a full-blown email client, and once you’ve been notified, you’ll still need to process the message either via or using the web-based Gmail.
Personally, I’m not a big fan of push-notifications except in the case of instant messaging, but this could come handy from time to time, when I expect an important message.
GPush is still not available in the AppStore — just searched for it — but should hit it any time soon. From what we’re hearing, it will cost a buck ($0.99) initially and then twice as much, after the first week of availability…
(Via IntoMobile)

Multi-Touch Coming to Android in 2.0, Eclair ?

Multi-Touch Coming to Android in 2.0, Eclair ?

One feature that has been conspicuously missing in Android since its launch has been a biggie--multi-touch. Multi-touch is the wonderful input method that reads multiple touch inputs at once. It gives for a more 'natural' control of input, instead of zooming in/out by tapping plus/minus signs, you can simply pinch or pull the screen. Multitouch has become the benchmark for touchscreen browsing. The iPhone has it, the Pre has it, Android should definitely have it by now.
Luckily, CNET reports that official multi-touch support will be coming to the Android 2.0 update, which is expected to release this holiday season. Having multi-touch in Android is necessary not because of just its improvement to the user experience but it will take away a bullet point from its competitors. And to clarify, Eclair, not Donut, is expected to be 2.0.

Excited for the multi-touch news?

(Via Android Central)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awesome Free Theme for the BlackBerry Bold – E2 Today

Awesome Free Theme for the BlackBerry Bold – E2 Today

Bla1ze from CrackBerry pointed out a hot new BlackBerry theme for the Bold 9000. It’s a free theme called “E2 Today” and features 15 icons with a beautiful dark background. This is a FREE theme which is sporting tons of great icons, veritcal scrolling and hidden today screen options. You can download it OTA by clicking here. Do you know of an awesome BlackBerry theme you think our readers would enjoy?

Nokia & Microsoft Targeting RIM with Microsoft Office Agreement

Nokia & Microsoft Targeting RIM with Microsoft Office Agreement

Rumors were going around early this week that Nokia was going to dump the Symbian OS for Maemo but that does not seem to be happening. Nokia just purchased and open sourced Symbian a few months ago so I doubt that will happen anytime soon even though Symbian continues to look dated even compared to the BlackBerry OS.
Now it looks like Symbian and Microsoft have RIM in their sights with their new announcement to collaborate and bring Microsoft Office to Nokia phones. Nothing much is going to happen for the next year except for Communicator coming to Symbian but it might lead to more.

Personally I just liked this one little quote that CNet recorded from Nokia executive vice president Kai Oistamo: "This is really about creating a formidable challenge for RIM rather than anyone else,"
I am curious how Microsoft is going to help Nokia become more of a challenger… Microsoft Office is available for Windows Mobile and that is not helping Microsoft retain its relevance in the mobile field

BerryAddon Public Beta – Awesome Little All-In-One Utility

BerryAddon Public Beta – Awesome Little All-In-One Utility

Tim let me know about the public beta of BerryAddon from an unknown company called Twinkler Software Products. It is in free beta right now but it looks like they will be charging for it in the future since there is a registration page. It just popped up on the radar in the last few weeks and looks like a VERY powerful little tool that takes less than 90kb! There is really no other name for such an app other than an All-In-One utility

You can find the desktop installation files at this thread on BBforums and there is an OTA link (OS 4.5 OS 4.6+). The latest version is 0.91 for the Bold.

PS: I could have sworn we mentioned a similar utility before but maybe it is called something else since I cannot seem to find it…

Core features

•Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
•Vibrate when ringing
•Log placed/received call to calendar and mark them as private events
•After call, prompt to add call number to addressbook
•Create calendar, task, memopad and addressbook item in phone log screen
•When creating contact, you can add new contact or update exist contact
•Firewall with blacklist and whitelist, also can block private and unknown numbers.
•Log blocked call to calendar
•Import/export firewall blacklist and whitelist
•Email signature
•Send sms/email/pin message to calendar,task,memo and addressbook to create new item
•Save sms/email/pin message as text document
•Mark email with red exclamatory mark
•Convert event to task item
•Convert task item to event
•Insert emoticon into sms/email/pin message
•Emoticon customize and import/export
•Insert contact’s number or email address into sms/email/pin message
•Open and save text document in memopad application
•Auto lock keypad when screen goes blank. you can create exceptions to disable this feature

BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset & Bluetooth Watch coming soon from RIM -

BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset & Bluetooth Watch coming soon from RIM

Coming Soon From RIM

Antoine Boucher, vice president of RIM has confirmed in the conference WES about the upcoming BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset code named as Alpha 1 and the developments going on for the Bluetooth watch.The Alpha 1 BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset uses the noise reduction technology; is in black chrome shell with BlackBerry logo and buttons. “The form of silicone liner Alpha 1 is an extremely convenient; it may be the best solution on the market” said by Boucher. It allows you to receive calls, listen to your favourite music and voice commands for navigation applications. The BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch would support BlackBerry phone, and will give alerts when emails, BlackBerry Messenger messages, texts, Tweets and Facebook wallposts are received. It’ll also allow for wireless connection to transfer music and videos BlackBerry for stereo.Further, we’ve no wording as to the product price and availability.

(iJax original Write up Latest Gadgets News | Get yourself updated with latest gadgets news)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

US, Canada, and Spain 'win' the battle for most expensive cellphone bills

US, Canada, and Spain 'win' the battle for most expensive cellphone bills

It's not the kind of thing you'll probably want to brag about winning, of course, but, according to new research conducted by the OECD, people in the US, Canada and Spain come out on the top of the heap when it comes to high cellphone bills. The research was conducted by categorizing bills into three usage categories, with the mid-range being 780 minutes per year of voice calls, and 600 SMS per year. For that amount, people in the US of A pay about $635 (the highest rate), while runners-up Spain pay just over $500. The countries with the lowest phone bills include the Netherlands and Sweden, where that same usage runs about $130. Yes, that's a huge discrepancy, alright, meaning that in the Netherlands you'd pay around $11 a month with that level of usage, while in the US the same amount will run around $53 a month. Then again, they don't get to watch "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" in the Netherlands, do they?

Member Story: Open Letter to BlackBerry Messenger - He's Just Not That Into Me

Member Story: Open Letter to BlackBerry Messenger - He's Just Not That Into Me

Dearest BBM,

It's time we had a talk.

I know you're just acting out. I know you see my relationship with SMS and email. I know you're jealous. I know you're hurting. But they're just friends - I swear. It's just work messages! They'll never mean as much to me as you do. So let's talk about why you keep toying with my heart.

You've currently listed all of my contacts as "unavailable." Not even funny. You say you had nothing to do with this. But I'm not the unreasonable sort. I realize I'm a handful but for all 50 or so contacts to realize that and be "unavailable" to my shenanigans at the same time? Crazy talk. For funsies, I added myself from my work BB and lo and behold, I'm unavailable... to myself. That's thousands of therapy dollars right there, BBM. I hope you're happy.

Undaunted, I scrolled around to see what other sort of nonsense you're up to. And you never disappoint, do you? Hark, there's the same ten "Pending Contacts" - still pending authorization, still pending unavailibility since Tour has come into my life. It's your word against theirs but they maintain that they never received a request. Don't worry, baby. I know that this is simply not true. Why would you waste an opportunity for ten addition contacts to be unavailable to me?

Let's talk about the time you deleted all of my contacts. Really, BBSadist? Really? As much as I loved your "if I can't have you, no one can" tantrum, I'm not going to lie... I wanted to strangle that BlackBerry symbol right off of your smirky thought bubble. Sometimes I think you're woman because only a woman think about doing something so deliciously treacherous as to wipe my contact list. I'm plotting revenge but seriously? What am I going to do to you? Ping you to death? Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Douchenugget.

After that episode, I even thought about going to father Balsillie but his hands are pretty full with another Canada-hater in Bettman. Doesn't matter anyway, because what was the next thing that you did? Oh yes, you pulled the ol' MIA. You deleted yourself from my phone. You ran away and I was left with a sleepless night wondering where did you spend the night? Who's messages did you find comfort in? WHO DID YOU PING TO DEATH? Oh RIM, it hurts.

Now, let's talk about your needless attention ***** tendancies. You know, the one where you perpetually have a little bubble saying "2 new messages" when you and I both know there isn't one. Remember? Unavailable contacts! You can't even keep up with your own tactics.

I hate that I love you, BBM. I hate that you know I'll never leave you for that **** SMS. And even though email's always trying to get his spam in my box... er, nevermind. You're jealous enough.

Forever yours,
A. Beaverho

Weekly Tips to Take Care of Pregnancy on Your BlackBerry

Weekly Tips to Take Care of Pregnancy on Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry is the manufacturer of mobile phones, which started production of their wireless devices in 1999. The BlackBerry devices offer high quality performance with best quality features. The brand is also provided with all kinds of quality applications. The phones have really become a good companion of the users with its renowned features. Nowadays, variety of guide books and medical prescription books are also available in the form of BlackBerry applications.
Medical prescription guide:

We all face some typical medical problems where we get into a dilemma regarding what to do. Again, self medication sometimes creates dangerous problems for us. Either due to lack of time or lethargic nature, we fail to approach a medical practitioner and take erroneous decision regarding treatment by ourselves. With the advent of medical guide books in the form of applications available for BlackBerry sets, we can take care of our health in a better way and take the proper decisions. These applications are regularly updated from the web with modern facts and information which keep us aware of what to do and what not.

Pregnancy week by week
Like many medical guides, Pregnancy week by week is also a medical guide application which has every critical information and suggestions to take care of pregnancy both pre and post pregnancy care. There are more than 70 topics covered in this application guide which are regularly updated with new products, topics, information and their use. It is the version 1.05 currently available in the market designed by Incelligence, Inc. This is unique application which will guide you like a doctor and take care of your situation carefully.

Requirements and compatibility
It is simple yet helpful software which enables you to get valuable information about medical complications during pregnancy. It is compatible with almost all BlackBerry models. It can be seen functioning on most operating systems, but work best at v4.7 Trackball. The application can also be played at a low display dimension of 160 x 160. However, the best results will be available in 480 x 360.

Easy to Afford
The product is not only easy to use but it is also available in low prices. It just costs $15.95 and is also available in a trial version. Keeping in mind the high demand for this product is now also available in discount for $9.95 only.

Hope this BlackBerry application product will serve all your pregnancy care queries and will guide you to live a happy healthy life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

BlackBerry’s 26 Advantages Over iPhone

BlackBerry’s 26 Advantages Over iPhone

I always find myself conversing (nearly arguing haha) with certain people about why the BlackBerry is better than an iPhone.

Many people look at the BlackBerry and an iPhone’s features that are visible on the surface, but not too many take the time to seriously look into why they should get one or the other. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve played with an iPhone on a few occasions and it failed to impress me each time. Yes the UI looks nice and is sleek, but you can customize your BlackBerry with both free and premium themes to look just as sleek if not sleeker. Don’t even get me started on their App Store…

Anton Wahlman of Seeking Alpha has put together a great list of BlackBerry’s 26 advantages over an iPhone, which I’ve included after the jump.

I can tell you now that there aren’t just 26 advantages that the BlackBerry has over the iPhone, but here’s a good starter list to arm yourself with in case you ever find yourself verbally dueling with an iPhone enthusiast like I do .

1.Blackberry can be used on almost every carrier in the world (over 475 of them). In the US, the iPhone is available on AT&T (T) only.
2.Blackberry is available in five form factors – small keyboard, large keyboard, no keyboard, flip phone, and candy-bar.
3.Most Blackberries have keyboards, so you can actually type fast and with no errors. Helps while driving, walking, carrying something in your other hand – all the time. iPhone: well…
4.Blackberry uses standardized (=inexpensive and available everywhere in the world) MicroUSB connector for synchronization/charging. iPhone has a much larger proprietary 30-pin connector.
5.Some carriers such as Verizon (VZ) and Sprint (S) offer unlimited international Blackberry data roaming for $40/month or less. iPhone does not. This could save you literally tens of thousands of dollars when you are abroad.
6.If your Blackberry is on T-Mobile USA, it also offers unlimited WiFi calling from anywhere in the world. This is with your existing number – in and out – so no new special number, procedure, etc. iPhone cannot do this (because it is only on AT&T; only T-Mobile USA offers this), and it can save you well over $100 per day when you’re abroad. Think $1 per minute savings, and you’re on the phone two hours per day. That’s $120/day.
7.Blackberry has expandable memory. iPhone is fixed and sold at 8, 16 or 32 gig only.
8.Blackberry has removable and expandable battery. iPhone is fixed.
9.Blackberry allows programs to multitask. iPhone has limited multitasking.
10.The newest Blackberry screen resolution is 480×360. iPhone is 480×320.
11.Blackberry allows communicating peer-to-peer via PIN identifier, circumventing the email system. No such iPhone equivalent.
12.Skype (EBAY) on the Blackberry? Yes, from anywhere to anywhere. Skype on iPhone? Only if you’re on WiFi.
13.Sling on the Blackberry? Yes, it’s free. Sling on iPhone? $30.
14.Google (GOOG) Voice on the Blackberry? Yes, it’s free. Google Voice on iPhone? Verboten.
15.Blackberry can be synchronized to multiple computers simultaneously, if you have multiple computers.
16.Multiple Blackberries can receive the same email feeds simultaneously, if you have multiple Blackberries.
17.Blackberry can sort the address book entries by company name, so you can scroll down a long list of names you don’t remember, but you just want to see who works for which company. Aside from sorting, the iPhone can take several seconds to search your address book, particularly if you have several thousand address book entries.
18.Blackberry isn’t slowed down by having, say, 10,000 or 100,000 address book entries. Try using an iPhone with 10,000 address book entries.
19.All major instant messengers are available on Blackberry.
20.Blackberry is available with multiple browsers from multiple suppliers. iPhone is available only with its standard Safari browser.
21.Blackberry synchronizes with iTunes – and every other media management program.
22.22. Blackberry models with 480 pixel resolution and WiFi offer PrimeTime2Go, an $8/month TV service that works as a DVR.
23.Blackberry fits as many emails in the inbox as there is memory available (typically many tens of thousands). iPhone is limited to 200 emails. Yes, iPhone has a remote look-up capability, but that doesn’t do you any good when you’re on an airplane or are otherwise out of coverage.
24.Price: Unlimited iPhone voice/data service, including unlimited SMS, is $150/month. Blackberry can be had for much less. For example, unlimited Blackberry service is offered on Sprint for $100/month, T-Mobile USA $125/month, MetroPCS $50/month, although AT&T/Verizon match the iPhone at $150/month.
25.Prepaid “no contract” flexibility: The AT&T web site says the iPhone is sold with a 2-year contract only, although once upon a time it offered a “contract-free” iPhone if you paid close to $899 up-front for the iPhone itself. In contrast, you can get prepaid no-contract Blackberry service on any old or new T-Mobile USA Blackberry handset for $65/month (600 minutes, unlimited Blackberry/Internet, but no SMS), or you can get truly unlimited-everything prepaid $50/month service from MetroPCS, if its handset selection and coverage areas are acceptable to you. That’s ONE THIRD the cost of the iPhone, and there is no contract.
26.Blackberry is an encrypted military-grade security platform, with 100% market share at FBI, CIA, White House, Congress, Department of Defense, major consultancies and major investment banks. In contrast, iPhone has security vulnerabilities. Please see this document for details as to why the Blackberry is the only platform approved for use in our national security agencies. It compares against the iPhone and Microsoft Mobile platforms (.pdf).

BlackBerry Onyx 9700 details roundup: the BlackBerry Bold sequel

BlackBerry Onyx 9700 details roundup: the BlackBerry Bold sequel

The BlackBerry Onyx 9700 is shaping up to be the next generation BlackBerry Bold. The specifications as well as some form factor features are confirming that this is the BlackBerry Bold sequel.

While Onyx is the codename that we’re hearing right now, it could very well be changed once it hits a carrier, which will likely be AT&T first. It’s likely that AT&T will drop the Onyx codename once it hits the market, and may simply go with BlackBerry Bold 9700 or the BlackBerry Bold 2.

PhoneGeek, a field tester for AT&T who has been using the Bold 2, has confirmed some of the following details about the device:

•The Bold 9700 is now known to have both the trackpad and the Bold-style casing.
•The device will be approximately the same size as the 8900 with a keyboard that resembles the Bold.
•The battery cover has changed yet again and apparently it is also an improvement.
•Memory card is behind the battery cover and not on the side a la Bold 9000.
•The mute and lock buttons are on the top.
•256mb of flash memory.
•The device came to the field with SW on Platform
•Battery life seems greatly improved from the Bold 9000.
The Bold 9700 is going to be one of the most powerful devices yet on the RIM product line and I’m really looking forward to the launch.

BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 gets leaked pictures

BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 gets leaked pictures PocketBerry

Found on the BenezBlog, we saw that they have gotten their hands on a BlackBerry Storm 2 device, giving us a better idea as to what to expect from the device by taking these great angled images. Click here to check out more images of the BlackBerry Storm 2. We have had images of the so-called Storm 2 as a 9550, but it appears this is GSM version. The Storm will finally make its way to carriers such as Rogers Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless.

Toronto Wireless

iPhone and Blackberry use sees Rogers Wireless profits rise as network upgrade rolls out

iPhone and Blackberry use sees Rogers profits rise as network upgrade rolls out

Rogers Communications Inc slashed its full-year revenue outlook on Tuesday and said its wireless subscribers were cutting back on spending due to the recession, sending its shares down 5.5 percent.
The owner of Rogers Wireless, Canada's biggest wireless carrier, said it is clamping down on costs to help it cope with the recession and that there is no sign of an economic rebound yet.
The company said it earned C$374 million ($346.3 million), or 59 Canadian cents a share, in the second quarter ended June 30. That was up from a profit of C$301 million, or 47 Canadian cents a share, a year earlier.
However, it lowered its 2009 consolidated revenue outlook, citing "greater and more prolonged than forecast media advertising revenue declines associated with the sustained recessionary economic environment".
Rogers now sees 2009 revenue growth of 2 percent to 4 percent, down from its previous forecast of 5 percent to 9 percent.
The company's stock dropped C$1.70 to C$29.28 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday morning.
"We don't see anything today that would say that we're in the cusp of a recovery or that we can see daylight going forward," Chief Executive Nadir Mohamed told reporters.
"I wish I could be more optimistic."
Earlier, he told analysts he is "encouraged" by recent Bank of Canada comments predicting signs of economic growth later this year or early in 2010.
The company added 148,000 new postpaid, or longer-term, wireless subscribers in the quarter, compared with 92,000 additions a year earlier.
Troy Crandall, an analyst at MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier, said Rogers' overall results were "mixed," but he was impressed by the company's ability to attract new wireless users.
"They're doing a great job of adding customers, but you can tell that their current customers are obviously feeling the pinch," he said. "People are becoming a bit more frugal."
Rogers activated 315,000 smartphones in the second quarter. These were mostly Apple Inc's popular iPhone 3G, as well as Research In Motion Ltd's BlackBerry and Google Inc's Android-based devices.
About one-half of these were new users, with the rest being upgrades.
Rogers said blended average monthly revenue per wireless user fell to C$63.09 from C$64.56, "which reflects the impact of declines in roaming and out-of-plan usage revenues as customers curtail travel and adjust their wireless usage during the economic recession".
Toronto-based Rogers said overall revenue rose about 3 percent to C$2.89 billion from C$2.80 billion in the quarter.
It said it sees the impact of the weak economy across a number of its businesses, which has translated into weaker subscriber growth.
"Basic cable, digital cable, Internet, and home phone service subscriber growth all continued to slow from the previous year reflecting the worsening economic recession and unemployment levels in (the province of) Ontario," it said in a statement.
In a separate announcement on Tuesday, Rogers said it has teamed up with Manitoba Telecom Services to build a regional high-speed wireless network. Rogers also said it has begun ramping up the speed of its own wireless network which should, when completed, have speeds up to three times faster than the current network. That roll-out will begin in the Greater Toronto Area before expanding to other areas.
Rogers claimed it is the first wireless company in North America to launch what is called an "HSPA+ network" and only the sixth in the world

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Forward, Reply and Edit Application for Blackberry

Free Forward, Reply and Edit Application

A long running ache with BlackBerry email is not being able to edit when replying or forwarding. A new app from changes that. Forward, Reply & Edit integrates with your BlackBerry messages and allows you to do just that. Open an email, choose Forward & Edit or Reply & Edit from the menu and you can change any of the content in the email. Why this isn't a standard feature is beyond me. My only gripe with this is that to activate you are required to send an email to a friend letting them know about the application. Not much to ask for a free app, but it may be spammy to some. You can snag Forward, Reply & Edit free OTA from this link.

Customized Album Berry Theme from idberry

Customized Album Berry Theme from idberry

Deddy from idberry themes has amped up his theme concepts with this latest called, Album Berry.
Basically, how it works is you send them (5) personal images you want to have on your theme and idberry puts them in the theme for you similar to the above screen shot. I chose some family pics and the result is this totally personalized and awesome theme! Now, details are a bit tricky, so listen in. The way to order this theme is to go directly from your BlackBerry browser to – from there you can view the theme description and also purchase information. Note that Album Berry personalized theme costs $15.00 (and from what I can tell available for all BlackBerry devices) which you can purchase via Paypal right from your Berry. In turn, you’ll get an OTA & ZIP file of the theme within 2-7 working days. All the details are there at the above link; how to order, how and where to send in your pics, etc. Just read all of the information before ordering just to make sure you’re on board with everything.
I know many of you will say $15.00 is a lot for a theme and it is, but keep in mind that this is a unique, customized theme that is personalized just for you. Also, could be a great little gift for that special someone who happens to own a BlackBerry

MyBlackBerry Community

Inside BlackBerry - The Official BlackBerry Blog: MyBlackBerry Community: "MyBlackBerry Community"

There has been a lot of buzz in the media about a new site called MyBlackBerry: the official online community for fans of BlackBerry® smartphones. It is a place where BlackBerry smartphone users can connect with one another, to learn more about devices, rate and review the things they love, and discuss topics that interest them.
We launched the site earlier this week to a small group of Beta users. Stay tuned to Inside BlackBerry in the next few days and we will let you know when MyBlackBerry will be more broadly available