Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rogers Demand Online Launches In Canada Next Week

Rogers, is taking it’s television programing online next week. The service, called Rogers Demand Online, will be offered as an on demand type of service via your internet connection. Customers can choose when and where they want to watch TV.

This exciting venture is set to launch on November 30th.

The US has a similar service that has been received with rave reviews.

The new service will be available to all Rogers customers with cable, internet, home phone or wireless service.

Subscribers to the service will have two different levels of service plans available. The standard plan will most likely include receiving the video stream at 480Kbits. At this time, there is a limited number of shows and networks available for the demand service, but there is hope to bring more on board.

Dave Purdy, Vice President Video Product Management at Rogers Communications
says the new service will star with some 16 broadcast partners and 19 TV and specialty channels. “Our vision is to have every partners’ content online,” Purdy explained, saying the goal is to provide customers with access to content in their chosen fashion, be it linear TV, digital cable On Demand or now the online On Demand service.

Rogers is promising their lineup will be available for those who have iPhones as well. Just what we need, millions of people watching TV while driving. It is also important for those are limited internet plans to realize this type of service will really zap the usage meter.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Google Maps Navigation officially hits Android 1.6 and higher

If you’re currently using every other Android device besides the Motorola DROID, you might have thought that Google was holding out on that navigation love. Luckily, and just in time for your holiday travels, Google Maps Navigation has just been made available for Android 1.6. Now your myTouch 3G, Motorola CLIQ and T-Mobile G1 can better help you in getting around your in-laws’ town for turkey day with GPS voice navigation, automatic re-routing and Google’s new Layers feature for navigation. Unfortunately for Hero and Eris users, you’re left out in the dark until HTC and your respective carriers crank out that 1.6 Donut update for your phones. We’re crossing our fingers for you that it hits before Christmas.
(via Boy Genius Report)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Mercedes Benz BlackBerry Free Application mbrace

Special thanks to Sabrina (Mercedes-Benz USA) for sending us the press release and screen shot. This new service offers a lot of positive functions and perks for current and future customers of Mercedes-Benz, and opens the door for future additional features for sure.

From your BlackBerry® Interact with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and access mbrace services conveniently from the palm of your hand.
Forgot to lock your car door or locked your keys inside your vehicle? Lock and unlock vehicle doors using the Mercedes-Benz mbrace mobile application. Simply enter your mbrace account number and secure PIN, and select Remote Door Lock* or Remote Door Unlock to send the request to your vehicle.

Can’t remember where you parked your Mercedes-Benz? View your vehicle’s current location on a map by selecting the Vehicle Finder feature. The mbrace mobile application sends a signal to your vehicle requesting its GPS coordinates and receives a response back telling you where it is**. There’s no need to remember to mark your location prior to leaving your vehicle.

Need to contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer or find a local dealership in your area? Select Dealer Information to view your dealer’s contact information and search for nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership

Press Release Excerpts:
Specifically, mbrace personifies “connected services” by marking the first time drivers can connect with their vehicles via BlackBerry™ Devices, allowing them to do such things as remotely lock or unlock their vehicles or locate their vehicles in crowded parking lots or on city streets through a map representation on their smart phones. The flexibility of combining HTI’s platform with today’s leading smartphone offerings allows for a continual stream of in-vehicle innovation throughout the life of a vehicle’s ownership.
The mbrace system offers 18 features:
(five of which are part of a premium package) aggregated in the categories of safety & security, navigation & destination planning and convenience. The services can be accessed quickly and easily from within the vehicle or from any computer through a personalized web portal.
The standard mbrace safety and security features include:
Automatic Collision Notification; SOS/Emergency Calling; Safe Ride; Roadside Assistance Connection (in-vehicle and mobile application); Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance; Automatic Alarm Notification; Vehicle Information and Crisis Assist. Navigation services include a Search & Send feature. Standard convenience features include: Remote Door Unlock and Lock (remote application), Vehicle Finder (via mobile application), and Dealer Connect (mobile application). A premium service – mbrace PLUS – adds such features as Location-Based Weather, Location-Based Traffic, agent-assisted Route Assistance, Point-of-Interest Destination Download (through agent), and “Mercedes-Benz Concierge,” which functions much as a hotel concierge making restaurant reservations, locating stores and services, cash wire assistance, etc.

You can pick up the Free Mercedes-Benz mbrace application

More information on Mercedes-Benz and its products can be found at and

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Urbanspoon Releases BlackBerry App

We mentioned Urbanspoon’s service a bit back but they just released a BlackBerry app at DevCon. They sent me an email that their new app lets you choose restaurants near you with a sort of slot machine for picking a favorite.

You just hit the space bar or shake your Storm and it will find a good restaurant near you buy choosing cuisine, neighborhood and price you are looking for. It also lets you simple search and browse restaurants near you using your location.

Check it out at