Friday, March 16, 2012

JuiceTank iPhone case integrates folding wall plug

Posted By Ray Nicolini
The JuiceTank case for iPhone 4 and 4S
A really interesting iPhone case design has just hit KickStarter called JuiceTank. In addition to providing some added protection, the JuiceTank has two wall plug prongs which eject with the press of a button, allowing you to charge your iPhone 4 or 4s without needing to carry around wires. With this case and the advent of wireless syncing, there’s really not much reason to use the dock connector for anything, eh?
While handy, for that amount of added thickness, I would hope that there would be some additional charge stored within the case, and not just an easy way of charging up the iPhone’s battery. Of course, it looks like these guys have crammed in a fair bit to their case as is, and the design is admittedly simple and useful.
The JuiceTank guys are aiming to raise $125,000 over the next 60 days, and they’re already five grand in towards that amount. Assuming it reaches its funding goal, the case should be shipping this summer. If you pitch in $40 now, you can get one at launch, at which point they’ll be retailing for $70. Head on over to their KickStarter page to pitch in.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Munster on Apple’s mythical HDTV set: ‘It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone’

Posted By Ray Nicolini


Pictured above: An Apple television concept render by Guilherme Schasiepen.
Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster stands out as arguably the most outspoken proponent of an Apple-branded HDTV television set otherwise known as the mythical iTV. With all eyes now on Apple’s iPad 3 unveiling next Wednesday, the pundits are also keeping their fingers crossed for a much-needed Apple TV refresh with 1080p video output and a faster processor, especially now that Apple TVs are increasingly disappearing from shelves.
Piggy-backing on the forthcoming product unveiling hype, Munster shed more light on what he believes a full-blown television set adorned by the shiny Apple logo should be like during yesterday’s interview with Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt. Munster is betting Apple will introduce the rumored product some time this year and is expecting fall availability. You will want to buy it, because:
It’s going to live up to some of the building hype. It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone.
From a design standpoint, the iTV “will look different” than your regular television: “Imagine just a sheet of glass – no edges or bevels.” The analyst re-iterated his previous observations, including strong focus on content consumption (presumably delivered through iTunes/iCloud) and Siri voice control…

The analyst also expects the iTV will let you both channel surf the traditional way by using a remote control and navigate by using your voice (“show me sci-fi movies rated 8/10 and released last year”). He speculated this dual-mode navigation is “the code that Steve Jobs said he had cracked in his biography.” Last April, Munster asserted Apple would have to introduce a new video-focused service alongside the iTV—presumably serving scheduled/live TV plus movies and TV shows. The service is said to stem from an alleged array of super data centers that Apple is supposedly keen on building the world over.
Munster is well-known for touching on the subject of an Apple television in his notes to clients. A month ago, he claimed Apple was tapping a “major TV component supplier” and inquiring about “various capabilities of their television display components,” echoing an October 2011 report by the New York Times. The key, as always, is premium content. “Without a revamped TV content solution, we do not think Apple enters the TV market,” Munster opined while sharing a sentiment published in the Wall Street Journal.

iPad 3 Concept Features

List Of Working PlayBook BAR Files

Posted By Ray Nicolini


Hello Everyone, There have recently been many requests on where to find converted Android apps. There are many places to find them out there, but few have actually tested them. So we have decided to create a thread that will list working .bar files. If you are coming here to expect a paid version of an app you will not find any here. All of these apps are free. 

If you see a paid app that has been posted here by accident please notify me and it will be removed immediately. We are not trying to provide a hub for pirated apps. If you find a broken link please report it. 

The list will be periodically updated from time to time, so please check back often as the list will be updated. If you are unsure on how to install these apps on your PlayBook, see our previous post.

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Amazon MP3
  3. Astro File manager
  4. Comic Rack
  5. Compass
  6. DropBox
  7. eBuddy Messenger
  8. eBay
  9. ES File Explorer
  10. ESPN Score center
  11. Ever Note
  12. Flickr
  13. Gallery 3D
  14. Google Maps
  15. Google Voice
  16. Grooveshark
  17. Hanging With Friends
  18. Hello Kitty Slide Puzzle
  19. IceRunner
  20. ICQMessenger
  21. IMDB
  22. Kindle Cloud
  23. Map Droyd
  24. Marvel Comics
  25. Mine Sweeper
  26. Mobo Player
  27. Opera Mobile
  28. Out of Milk
  29. Pandora Radio
  30. PayPal
  31. Shazam
  32. Skyfire
  33. Skype Beta
  34. Tapatalk
  35. Tumblr
  36. Twitter 3.0.1
  37. TV Guide
  38. Winamp
  39. Windows Live Messenger
  40. Word Feud
  41. Word Press
  42. Words With Friends
  43. World of Warcraft Armory
  44. Wordz Up
  45. Yammer
  46. Yahoo Mail
  47. YouTube
  48. YouVersion Bible
  49. Coming Soon
  50. Coming Soon
Last Updated: 03/01/2012

How To Sideload Android Apps On The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

Posted By Ray Nicolini


The release of PlayBook 2.0 brought so many new features to the PlayBook. Perhaps one of its best features is its ability to run Android apps. This is a feature that many have been waiting a long time for. Unfortunately many of these apps have not made it into BlackBerry App World yet. This could be for many reasons, part of the issue is the amount of time it takes to get an app approved. RIM is notorious for a lengthy app approving process. 

In the meantime, there is another way to get all of these nice apps on to your PlayBook. This method is called "sideloading". It requires Android apps that have been properly converted from their native .APK files to .BAR files; to be sideloaded using a third party tool.

Now before we begin please be aware that sideloading does not require a rooted device, and is generally safe for your device. Now this does not mean you throw caution into the wind and do not back up your device. As always things can go wrong and you want to make sure you can get back to where you were before.

Things you will need:
Step 1: Install DDPB Installer:
After you have downloaded DDPB Installer you need to install it. This process is easy and pretty straight forward. Double click the installer and next your way through the installation. 

Step 2: Prepare Your PlayBook:

Preparing your PlayBook is really the most important part of this process. If you do not do this it will not work. Your PlayBook must be in development mode in order for the sidelaoding process to work. To do enable development mode you need to Settings---> Security ---> then Development Mode You will then see the following screen:

Tap on Development Mode and you will see the option to "Use Development Mode", and a slider right next to it to turn it off or on. Move it to the On position, and you will be presented with the following screen:

Enter a password and confirm it, you will need this later. You can confirm you have successfully enable development mode by looking at the top right section of your notification bar, and you should see an icon that looks like a person. You have successfully prepared your PlayBook for sideloading.

Step 3: Sideloading An Application:
Now that your PlayBook is prepared its time to sideload that app. Connect your PlayBook via USB to your computer, and if your PlayBook is password protected enter the password for it on the computer if prompted. Open up DDPB Installer. You will be presented with the following screen:

Next click on the "Scan" button. The program should find your PlayBook's IP address, and fill it in under that field. ( if it does not see the tips section) Enter your password in the field below it. This is the password that you created when you enabled Development Mode in step 2. Click on "Connect". After a short period of time it will connect to your PlayBook. You can verifiy that it has found your PlayBook by looking at the section to the bottom left. It will display your PIN number, and OS version.

Now, click on the button that says "Add" this will open up the browser window where you will need to browse to the converted .apk to .bar file that you downloaded. Once you select the file or files you want click on open and they will be added to the "App List On PC" section. Make sure you click the box next to the bar file you want loaded as shown in the picture below.

Next click on "Install". A new window will pop up giving you the percentage complete. After it shows complete you have successfully installed the application.

That's it, you can now sideload Android apps to your PlayBook


You may get the following message when installing DDPB Installer. If you do just click continue.

DDPB Installer does not auto detect your PlayBook. You can manually enter your IP address by entering the number found when tapping on the person icon when in development mode.

To Verify a correct install you can always enable the option to "Run On PlayBook after finish"

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Best Twitter Clients For iPhone

Posted By Ray Nicolini


Tweet From Your iPhone in Style


With Twitter becoming more and more popular each year, the competition for the best Twitter app is in its prime. Let's investigate the feature lists, functionality, and overall design of some of the top Twitter clients for the iPhone and see who truly has the best app — or the best one for your needs.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPhone

    by Tapbots

    Tweetbot is surely the best Twitter client available at the moment. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing — with its interactive interface, beautiful design, and integrated sounds — but it goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. The app really comes to life as you utilize gestures to explore your timeline and hear the noises each time you click (and you can always disable the sounds if you prefer). The best thing about Tweetbot is how they treat lists. Unlike any other Twitter client I have seen, Tweetbot allows you to view your lists as one sleek, fully functional timeline. This is absolutely essential to those of us who utilize Twitter lists to their utmost potential. Switching between different lists is convenient and simple. If you currently do not use lists, you may want to start. It will make your existence in Twitterland much more simple and entertaining. Tapbots never fails to deliver gorgeous design with an interactive and easy-to-use UI. I have to admit, I haven’t touched Twitter for iPhone since its launch.
  • Free


    by Twitter, Inc.

    For a free Twitter option, Twitter for iPhone is certainly your best bet. It has a clean, bright theme and utilizes most features you would need in an iPhone app. For example, if you see a trend that makes no sense to you (you're not alone), you can press the icon in the bottom left of the screen whilst viewing the trend's feed to have an explanation of it. Invaluable, especially considering some of the more obscure trends. It also features push notifications and allows you to find friends to follow using your contacts list. It has a clean, simple-to-use tweet composition interface and support for Instapaper. One of the best features is an easy way to access the reply, retweet, favorite and other common commands by simply swiping accross a tweet.

Notable Apps

  • $2.99

    Tweetings for Twitter

    by DW:design

    Tweetings is similar to Twitter for iPhone in many ways. However, the UI is not as amazing as Twitter for iPhone's, and you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of settings it offers. It's still a good client, especially if you like the dark theme.
  • Free

    Echofon for Twitter

    by naan studio, Inc.

    What's great about Echofon is that you can now enjoy Twitter push notification without dropping a dime. That's of course if you don't mind the ads. It also exists in an ad-free version but the app's very limited set of features are definitely not worth spending the money they are asking for it. If you don't use Twitter much and you're just looking for a simple free client with push notifications, Echofon is all you need — although Twitter for iPhone is better in my opinion, it really comes down to personal preference.
  • $2.99

    Twittelator Neue - Twitter Client for iOS 5

    by Big Stone Phone

    Twittelator Neue is gorgeous in design, but a bit behind when it comes to function. Although it has a lot going for it, and does most things a Twitter client should, its lack of push notifications and iOS 5 Notification Center integration, really makes it not worth it right now. Wait until they update it to include these things, which I am certain they will come out with shortly. Keep an eye out for updates, because this Twitter client is both functional and beautiful — as if it were made by Apple itself. I am excited to see what they do with it.
  • Free

    TweetDeck for iPhone

    by TweetDeck

    If you're still looking for a Twitter client that can meet the needs of a power user, then TweetDeck is probably the way to go. It really differentiates itself with its ability to integrate your Facebook feed and an original UI based on floating columns that you can customize and move around. If you find yourself needing to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, TweetDeck is the way to go. You can scroll left and right to view your mentions, followers and Facebook feeds and you can also rearrange and add different ones to suit your taste. It works well if you also use TweetDeck for PC or OS X as it works the same way.
  • Free

    HootSuite for Twitter

    by Hootsuite Media Inc.

    HootSuite offers many features not specific to Twitter. For example, you can use Faceboook and Foursquare from the app as well. You can also schedule updates, update Facebook status and pages, make Tweets and check in on Foursquare. You can also translate Tweets and status into over 50 languages. It also allows you to shorten links using the service.
  • $1.99

    Osfoora, for Twitter

    by Said M. Marouf

    Osfoora has been one of the more popular Twitter clients. It offers many of the same features as Twitter for iPhone, but improves on a few. For example, I like to read the tweets that were made while I was asleep when I wake up. Osfoora gives you a counter on the timeline icon that indicates how many tweets were made when you last refreshed. Very useful if you follow a lot of people. It also allows HTML code to be interpreted in the tweet view which, although not very useful, is gloriously geeky. It does, however, lack push notifications. You would think that, by now, push notifications would be standard in all Twitter apps.

Decent Apps

  • $1.99

    Tweetlogix for Twitter

    by Onloft Software LLC

    Tweetlogix is well designed and works well, but it's missing some key features that really are holding it back. It's similar to Twitter for iPhone, but lacks push notifications and iOS 5 notification center support. For $1.99, with these key features missing, I don't see how this is worth it. But it is popular due to its nice design and easy to use interface.
  • $4.99

    Twitterrific Premium

    by The Iconfactory

    Twitterific is a great looking app, but it has a real issue when it comes to the interface. It simply takes an excessive number of taps to do anything with it. Also, you have to pay to remove ads or to add more than one account. In my opinion, its price is not justified by its feature set, and I would recommend one of the free Twitter apps.
  • $4.99

    Echofon Pro for Twitter

    by naan studio, Inc.

    Echofon Pro is the same as Echofon but without the ads. It offers real time updates, like the Twitter website, thanks to its use of the user streams API from Twitter. It features inline photo and video viewing and has a nice DM screen that looks a lot like the SMS app. You can geotag and add media to your Tweets, but again, I don't feel the price is justified.
  • $4.99

    Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client

    by Big Stone Phone

    Besides being one of the most expensive Twitter clients, Twittelator's main issue is its inability to display more than three tweets at a time. This will force you to scroll all the time making it impractical if you're a power user. However, it does offer every single feature under the sun and even allows you to video tweet.

Twitter Meets Augmented Reality

  • $0.99

    Tweet 360

    by Presselite

    With Twitter 360, Twitter meets augmented reality. It's an impressive app that allows you to see geolocated tweets in the world around you, and it layers the app on top of the camera view finder. It does require an iPhone 3GS or later and it's actually more of an app to show off than to actually tweet. It looks a lot like the Layers app, and it is pretty cool to show your friends.

IM Clients That Tweet!

  • $9.99

    IM+ Pro

    by SHAPE Services

    IM+ is not only a chat client, but it allows you to tweet and view tweets right within the app. Although I cannot suggest you buy this app for the sole purpose of using it as a Twitter client, if you need a good IM client for your iPhone that allows you to tweet, this is a great option.

Simple Speed Tweeting

  • $0.99


    by Kei Noguchi

    iTweets is like the SMS app only for Twitter. You might enjoy its simplicity, however, I'm not convinced it's suited for Twitter.
  • $0.99

    Type n Walk

    by CGactive LLC

    Overlays the Tweet composition screen on the camera viewfinder which is useful if you're walking around town and need to keep a look out for people and vehicles.
  • $0.99

    Quick Tweets

    by Zealogic, Inc.

    Quick Tweets lets you write out and save tweet templates that you use often. For example, you could add "I'm bored", "This is what I'm having for dinner" to the app and be able to tweet them without typing them up every time. It's not a full Twitter client, but it accomplishes its purpose well.

Other Apps