Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rogers Remote TV Manager: schedule TV recordings from anywhere, anytime

Posted By Ray Nicolini

via Rogers Redboard
Rogers Remote TV ManagerWe’ve all been there. Tied up in a long lineup or stuck in a meeting that’s running longer than expected when you suddenly realize that you forgot to set your PVR to record the latest episode ofTrue Blood. Now, you can keep your cool knowing that you won’t miss a second of your favourite show thanks to Rogers Remote TV Manager.
The new service offers you the freedom and flexibility to manage your 8300 HD PVR through a web portal or free mobile app. Right now, the web portal and iPhone app are available for customers in Ontario, and in the coming months, apps for Blackberry and Android will be available.
What does it do?
From the web portal or the app, you’ll be able to:
  • Easily manage and schedule your recordings without being in front of your TV
  • Review scheduled and recorded programs
  • Delivers advanced search capabilities for TV shows and PVR Program content (actor, director, keyword, and channel name)
  • Browse the on-screen guide to find your favourite shows
  • Quickly see how much space is available for recordings
How can I get it?
First, you need to ensure you have an eligible HD PVR box and a Rogers digital television service subscription. Currently, Rogers Remote TV Manager is only available to customers in Ontario with the Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR.
To use the Remote TV Manager online, you need to sign in, or register with MyRogers. Under “Cable Television,” you’ll see Remote TV Manager. You will be notified here if you do not have the eligible hardware or if you need to register your TV account to your MyRogers ID using your account number.
If you’re an iPhone user, you can download the app from iTunes. You need to have iOS 4 on your iPhone for the app to work.
Not a Rogers wireless customer? No problem. Rogers Remote TV Manager can be downloaded and used on any compatible mobile device on any wireless carrier.
Currently the service is only available in Ontario. We’ll let you know when we have information to share about availability for customers in other provinces.
How do I use it?
You can find detailed instructions on how to use the app on here.
You can also check out a detailed How-To guide on both the web portal and the app fromConnected Magazine.
What about Android and BlackBerry customers?
A Rogers Remote TV Manager app will be available for Android from the Android Market this summer. We’ll let BlackBerry customers know when they can expect the app as soon as we have more details to share.
Have you tried Rogers Remote TV Manager? What do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S II gets official for Canada on Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel

Posted By Ray Nicolini

We've already had some indication of where and when the Galaxy S II would land in Canada, and three carriers have now finally made things fully official (even if they haven't yet got completely specific). That includes Bell and Virgin Mobile -- neither of which are confirming a price at the moment -- plus regional carrier SaskTel, which plans to offer the phone for $79.99 on a three-year contract. SaskTel and Virgin Mobile both also say that the phone will be available in the coming weeks, while Bell isn't offering much more than a chance to win the phone in a contest that ends July 19th -- we've previously heard that the phone will be hitting Bell on July 14th. Perhaps not surprisingly, it's looking like the phone will also alternatively be known as the "Galaxy S II" or "Galaxy S II 4G" depending on the carrier.


Refreshed MacBook Air line could land July 19th with Sandy Bridge, OS X Lion, Thunderbolt

Posted By Ray Nicolini
Apple will refresh its MacBook Air line of computers on July 19th, iClarified reported on Wednesday. We began to suspect the update was imminent when early reports suggested that global supplies for the computer were in short supply in late May. Those reports were solidified earlier this week when stock of the MacBook Air at Best Buy and Amazon was depleted. The device is expected to pack the new Thunderbolt I/O port in place of DisplayPort, Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors, and the brand new OS X Lion operating system. 9to5 Macsaid that Apple will likely offer Intel’s 1.8GHz Intel Core i7, 1.7GHz Core i7, and the 1.7GHz Core i5 in its new machines. We love the current design of the MacBook Air, and rumor has it that there won’t be any hardware tweaks. We suppose that could mean the rumored anodized black version will never see the light of day. The good news is the long wait is nearly over.
Read [9to5 Mac] Read [iClarified]

So you want to learn how to Jailbreak an iPhone

Posted By Ray Nicolini
To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak? That is the question plaguing the minds of every new iPhone user. Do I stay within the death clutches
 of Steve Jobs’ Apple reign, or void (temporarily) my warranty and venture into the deep, deep abyss that is the world of Cydia repo’s, 
basking in the world of iOS customization, unlocking (if baseband permits), and yes, free apps.  Regardless of which category you fall 
into, a new site exists courtesy of our trusting friends on the ChronicDev team. They have taken the liberty to throw-up a super 
bare-boned website, which will guide you on your way  to jailbreaking haven, whether you are a noob or all out fan-boy.
So check out and liberate away!
*** Please make sure you back up your iPhone and fully read and understand instructions before attempting to Jailbreak. and Toronto Wireless will not be held responsible for any iPhone damaged, bricked, or otherwise rendered
useless in the process of completing the Jailbreak ***

    Check out – Browser based IM clients for PlayBook

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    No instant messaging apps for the PlayBook yet? No problem.  With no application available, you can still get all your favorite IM clients in one interface with  It’s web based meaning you access it through your web browser and it requires no downloads whatsoever.  Check it out!

    Would you buy the ClamCase for BlackBerry PlayBook if available?

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    ClamCase is famous for its iPad accessory – the ClamCase which basically turns the iPad into a laptop form factor and gives you a full QWERTY keyboard with nice shortcuts.  Now let’s imagine if the same launched for the PlayBook.  Currently Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is supported on the PlayBook, so having a ClamCase would be cool for some.  It would be almost like a little netbook just a lot more powerful.  And why not throw in a mouse pad too?  The iPad doesn’t support Bluetooth mouse out of the box (requires a jailbreak and third party software).  The PlayBook supports it right out of the box legally so it would be cool seeing it.  Would you guys buy one if available?

    To delete Vendor.xml or not to delete, that is the question

    Posted By Ray Nicolini
    That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous delays in releasing OS updates?
    Through the course of many BlackBerry OS announcements here at CrackBerry, many of you have asked about deleting the vendor.xml file. You may have seen it referenced in one of our articles about a carrier releasing an official OS update. You may have come across it several times in the forums. You may be hearing about this file for the first time. The truth is: you only need to delete the file from unofficial updates; that is, updates that are official for a carrier other than your own.
    When updating your BlackBerry, oftentimes the first step is to install that Operating System update to your computer. The vendor.xml file is copied to your computer as a part of that process. If you are updating your BlackBerry with the official update supported by your carrier, the information in the vendor.xml file must match similar information in the hardware of your smartphone. If the two don't match, the update cannot be applied to the phone. This is how the carriers make sure you only load their supported version of the operating system on to your phone.
    For the sake of argument, let's say that Orange in the UK has a BBOS version for my BlackBerry Torch 9800. Since AT&T's officially supported version is .570 (I think), I wouldn't mind getting that Orange update. BBOS versions that are supported by a carrier are usually pretty solid. Ah, but that vendor.xml file would prevent me from using it. The file won't match the hardware on my AT&T Torch. Well then, I'll have to delete it.

    Delete it! You know you want to. 
    That's right. The only thing standing between you and another carrier's update is that vendor.xml file. Mind you, if you upgrade to an unofficial OS and later call your carrier's tech support, the first thing they'll tell you is to downgrade to the official version. But for many, unofficial updates are a great way to get the latest stable release for their devices.
    The only time you'd need to delete vendor.xml is when you're installing an unofficial update. Official updates have vendor.xml files that already match the hardware on your phone. The update is already official; you won't need any tinkering to get it to work. The Vendor.xml file on a leaked OS (BBOS versions that are not official for any carrier) is almost always blank. You can delete a blank file, but it won't change anything.
    After installing the unofficial update to your computer, you'll need to find the vendor.xml file. Depending on whether you have a Mac or a PC or if you run Windows XP or 7, vendor.xml can be in a variety of places. The easiest thing is to search for the file. Likely the file is in a hidden folder, so you'll need to make sure those are included in your search. Once you've found it, feel free to delete. Just make sure you don't delete any other .xml files.  After that, it's business as usual.

    BlackBerry Touch 9850 & Bold Touch 9900 on Telus Spotted

    Posted By Ray Nicolini
    Somebody is going to get fired over this one. @eatcalifornia just posted up a picture of two upcoming BlackBerry smartphones, including a un-announced BlackBerry Touch 9850 with Telus branded (note the background). Sadly not much detail was given about the devices, but we expect to see both of these devices later this summer. I can’t believe how big the BlackBerry Touch’s display is when compared to the Bold Touch. It’s making it consider it as my next device. Apparently this picture was taken in Toronto — PS if you’re hungry check out Eat California’s sandwhiches, they sound yummy!
    via @eatcalifornia Twitter

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Kik Messenger for Windows Phone now available to download

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    Waterloo-based Kik currently has over 4 million users taking advantage of their free IM app on iPhone and Android devices. A new mobile platform has been added to their offering, no it’s not BlackBerry and probably never will again (pending lawsuit with RIM). Kik has released the app for Windows Phone users and proudly says you can expect “crazy-fast, reliable experience” and “hands-down the best smartphone messenger available on the platform”. The IM app works strikingly similar to BlackBerry Messenger where you’ll see your messages with a notification of either sent, delivered and received status.
    Download Kik here
    Via: Engadget

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Apple releasing two iPhone models in September?

    Posted by Ray nicolini

    Is the next iPhone going to be called the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S? It depends on which Apple rumors you believe–some think that the new smartphone will be completely overhauled with a new design and internals, others think that it will just be a beefed-up iPhone. However, one analyst thinks that there might be two models on the horizon.
    CNN Money reports:
    In a note issued early Monday, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore is telling clients to expect both — an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S.
    “With Nokia and RIMM struggling,” he writes, “the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”
    The idea is that the iPhone 5 will be the new model, the next iteration of the Apple smartphone, and the 4S model will be a slightly more powerful version of the current model intended to sell for budget-conscious users. It’s not unusual for an older version of the Apple smartphone to be sold at budget prices when a new model comes out (i.e. the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49 when the new iPhone was released).
    It’s an opportunity for Apple to hold a wider range of the market – smartphone users who want the latest and greatest, and those who simply want the conveniences of a smartphone without the hefty price tag to come along with it.
    The rumors swirling around the iPhone 5 have ranged from the processor it will use, a new display, a radical new design, the types of flash units its camera will employ and even its size. An infographic released last week does a nice job of rounding up some of the rumors and giving each one a percentage of likelihood.
    If the new Apple smartphone is really coming this fall, we’re just two short months away from learning whether any of these rumors hold water, or if they’re just as wild as they’ve ever been in the past.
    [Via: CNN]