Saturday, October 17, 2009

Google apps for your BlackBerry

When you pick up a new BlackBerry Curve 8900, Pearl 81XX, 8800, Bold 9000 or an 8700, you have the option to pay monthly (9.99) for GPS navigation service, but the thing that most people don't know is that if you navigate to via your mobile browser, then click on (More>>) at the top of the screen it takes you to a page filled with free BlackBerry enabled Google apps just like on the iPhone! You have the option to download them all at once or pick which ones you want from a selection of 15 free apps including:

-RSS Reader

So in conclusion, there is a whole page full of free apps for your Blackberry waiting for you any time you please!!
P.S. Back to the GPS thing, the Maps listed above is the Google BlackBerry equivalent to Maps on an iPhone!! Plus its free and has satellite view as well as map view and uses the GPS chip in your BlackBerry (If you have one) and gives you turn by turn directions for free!!

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