Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rogers Demand Online Launches In Canada Next Week

Rogers, is taking it’s television programing online next week. The service, called Rogers Demand Online, will be offered as an on demand type of service via your internet connection. Customers can choose when and where they want to watch TV.

This exciting venture is set to launch on November 30th.

The US has a similar service that has been received with rave reviews.

The new service will be available to all Rogers customers with cable, internet, home phone or wireless service.

Subscribers to the service will have two different levels of service plans available. The standard plan will most likely include receiving the video stream at 480Kbits. At this time, there is a limited number of shows and networks available for the demand service, but there is hope to bring more on board.

Dave Purdy, Vice President Video Product Management at Rogers Communications
says the new service will star with some 16 broadcast partners and 19 TV and specialty channels. “Our vision is to have every partners’ content online,” Purdy explained, saying the goal is to provide customers with access to content in their chosen fashion, be it linear TV, digital cable On Demand or now the online On Demand service.

Rogers is promising their lineup will be available for those who have iPhones as well. Just what we need, millions of people watching TV while driving. It is also important for those are limited internet plans to realize this type of service will really zap the usage meter.
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