Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now Available! BlackBerry Pro v4! 95xx Edition - by Natemz

The wait is over! BlackBerry Pro v4 is finally ready. Many additions have been added to this release. I listened to the complaints on BBPro v3 and incorporated them in this version. So if you loved version 3 then there is no reason you won't love version 4. And of course, as with all my themes, it's completely free! See below for a quick rundown of features.

Whats New in Version 4?
New redesigned bottom launch bar. There is now 2 available launch bars. Just tap the bottom right corner to switch bars.
New 10 icon Hidden Dock
New icon set. Many users wanted less of a monotone look so icons are now full color.
Profiles icon now in top banner (by popular demand)
Built to run on OS 5.0
QuickLaunch hot spot
Wallpaper friendly (also works great with the BerryWeather Homescreen)
New custom made wallpapers
2 Black & White versions to choose from. BW1 has full color icons. BW2 has black & white icons.
Many small UI bug fixes
Fonts now follow the setting in Options>Screen/Keyboard
All the great features from version 1,2 & 3

RED http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/Red/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_RED.jad

BLUE http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/Blue/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_BLUE.jad

GREEN http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/Green/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_GREEN.jad

ORANGE http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/Orange/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_ORANGE.jad

BW1 http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/BW1/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_BW1.jad

BW2 http://www.berryosfiles.com/downloads/ota/Natemz/BBProV4/BW2/OTA/com_plazmic_theme_BlackBerry_Pro_v4_BW2.jad
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