Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Micro SIM Card Adapter Lets You Share iPhone Data

You know how the Apple iPad 3G doesn’t make use of a regular SIM card for its cellular identification? You know how it uses a micro SIM card instead? What if you wanted to use a micro SIM in a place that normally takes a regular SIM?
Many enthusiasts out there have already taken their scissors to regular-sized SIM cards, trimming them down to micro SIM proportions for use with the iPad. The question is, how do you add that material back?
As it turns out, a company saw the business opportunity and capitalized on it with the $10 microSIM card adapter. It does exactly what you think it does.
Plunk in your newly sized micro SIM card into this adapter and, voila, it looks like a regular SIM card again. This way, you can effectively use the same SIM card for your iPad and for your iPhone… just not at the same time. It does mean that you can save by only having one wireless data plan though.

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