Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Skype Mobile On Your BlackBerry

By Ray Nicolini
via www.Blackberrysync.com 

At this time, the Skype application is available in the U.S., so Canada is still in waiting. But we tried the Skype app out to see how well it would work and what the sound quality sounds like. We gave you a highlight of Skype when it was released to the Verizon BlackBerry handsets, now we can give you a dual review.
Scott used his mac and I have the app installed on a BlackBerry Bold 9650. The app is simple to install. For Verizon, it’s accessible through the VCAST Apps, or the Verizon homepage in the browser. The app installs easily. Setting it up is even easier. First you can use your current Skype acct. Don’t have Skype? It’s free and all you do is open an acct. Skype is used for communication overseas, video chats, phone calls from the pc. You sign into your Skype Mobile app and then you can start using it.
This time we’re changing things up a bit. Because the app requires someone to have a pc to use Skype to Skype, we’re making this a dual review. I’m going to go over the app and show you some screenshots, and Scott is going to include his review of the call in being on the other side of the BlackBerry application.
Adding contacts is so extremely easy. When you open your Skype Mobile, you’ll see six icons at the top. Your Contacts, Messages, Phone, Add a Contact, Status, and My Information. If you click on the Menu button you will see the following: Help, Skype Credit, Options, About Skype Mobile, Sign Out, and Close. You can add a contact from your BlackBerry Contacts, Search The Skype Directory, or add a number.
Scott phoned my Skype from the Mac, and it rang to my phone as a Skype call. The call comes through with crystal clarity. For me it sounded like we were in the same room talking. The call barely used any bars, and we spoke for an hour and a half. The call was never lost, never dropped, and never heard any interference. My phone didn’t get hot, according to Fixmo, there was no hard memory usage whatsoever.
I was really surprised with how easy it is to use along with the quality. The app also allows you to IM with a contact. You can’t do the video chat of course, but you can talk and IM on it. Skype is currently running at v1.3.0.12. If you are a Verizon customer, you can download it from the following link. If you’re Skype app isn’t the current version, you can upgrade it as well.
Grab your free Skype v1.30.12 mobile for BlackBerry here 


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I tried to download it and it says the skype is limited only to Verizon customers... any idea when I can download it?