Friday, October 29, 2010

GelaSkins Now Available for the BlackBerry Torch

By Ray Nicolini
GelaSkinsOne of the things I have been missing since I upgraded to my BlackBerry Torch was my GelaSkins cover. Summer reviewed them back in April and gave them a full 10/10 stars. In case you don’t remember GelaSkins are removable art prints designed for your device that are easy to apply (think of a sticker) and easy to remove cleanly. You can even customize your own with any image you choose.
When the Torch first came out GelaSkins did not offer any skins for the device. I checked again recently and found that they have since released custom skin options for the BlackBerry Torch and they look great! You can find all the Torch designs at this link for $14.95.
GelaSkins also makes skins for quite a few other BlackBerry models so check out their catalog here
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