Monday, October 31, 2011

Editorial: Why My Next Smartphone Will Be The Galaxy Nexus

Posted By Ray Nicolini
Why My Next Smartphone Will Be The Galaxy Nexus
Some readers have called me an Android "fanboy". I can't entirely disagree. I'm passionate about the things I'm interested in, but try to keep an open mind, and be objective in my reviews and articles. 

In addition to Android, I could also be called an "HTC fanboy". Even back in my Windows Mobile and Pocket PC days I gravitated to devices made by HTC. My personal Android smartphones have included the HTC Magic and Google Nexus One; all built by HTC. 

When Google and Samsung announced the Nexus S I was torn. I'd had the chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy S phones from various carriers, and although I liked their speed, I didn't like their plastic shell and how light they felt compared to HTC and Motorola devices. I wasn't terribly impressed with Samsung phones. Sure, their specs have been great and their benchmarks impressive, but those weren't enough to sway my opinion (whether legitimate, or not). 

On the other hand, the G1 and Nexus One were Google partner "launch devices" -- smartphones that were made primarily to show off "stock" Android, and push the platform forward. The Nexus S was the latest in the series of launch devices, and I liked what I saw -- but it was made by Samsung. 

I decided to pass. 

Now that the Galaxy Nexus has been announced, I have the same decision put in front of me: Do I get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or do I wait for an equivalent made by HTC? 

My friends that had purchased Galaxy S phones (the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic, etc.) had all been really happy with their phones. Everyone I had talked to with a Nexus S liked it. I had to assume that my concerns about quality were unfounded. 

Fast forward to today. 

The Galaxy Nexus is the latest "launch device" from Google. It has a very sleek design with its curved back and curved front. It's thin. It has cool new gadgets that I haven't had in any of my previous phones (NFC, a front-facing camera, and barometer). It also has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the latest launch device from Google, so it has the pure Android experience. Since it's a "Google phone" it doesn't come loaded with a proprietary launcher or bloatware. 

Do I want this phone because it's an Android device? Sure, but not because I'm a fan boy. 

I want to buy a Galaxy Nexus because it represents the latest and greatest in the Android operating system. 

I want to buy a Galaxy Nexus because it represents a paradigm shift in smartphone design. 

I want to buy a Galaxy Nexus because I trust my friends' testimonial of Samsung's quality. 

But enough about me. Why do you want to buy a Galaxy Nexus?

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