Thursday, November 17, 2011

BlackBerry OS 7.1 Coming in December? PlayBook Keyboard Case in February?

Posted By Ray Nicolini
BlackBerry Innovation Forum
We have been hearing a bit about BlackBerry OS 7.1 that will come before RIM releases QNX phones. This update is supposed to iron out many of the bugs in BlackBerry OS 7 and throw in a few extras including Wi-Fi hotspot functionality from what I hear. The BlackBerryOS team attended RIM’s latest BlackBerry Innovation Forum in Washington DC and learned a tad bit more about RIM’s plans. Mainly they learned that BlackBerry OS 7.1 was aimed for a December launch. They were also showing off a Bluetooth keyboard/case combo for the PlayBook that is aimed for a February launch along with the PlayBook OS 2.0.
Here are some of the other highlights they learned:
PlayBook 2.0 
  • Will have native email client with a a unique feature rich UI. Client will have more options than current bridge based mail client
  • Calendar completely revamped, and includes new "people view" feature
  • No plans for BBM client
  • Native file app
  • Contacts app more feature rich, more like current BlackBerry’s Contact list.
  • Target date around February 2012
  • RIM is working on Bluetooth keyboard and case that fit together for the PlayBook. Release around February 2012. Cost is a little over $100
  • RIM working on Enterprise App World for enterprise applications
  • OS 7.1 is looking like a December release
  • UMA update for 9900 may come later this year
  • RIM working on 10" PlayBook and larger BlackBerry devices for next year
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