Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roam Mobility now offering affordable voice, data and text plans for Canadians visiting the US

Posted By Ray Nicolini 
Roam Mobility
If you're Canadian and ever spent anytime in the US making use of your Canadian SIM card, then you know full well it's a few megabytes of data usage while roaming can lead to a pretty high wireless bill -- even while using a BlackBerry. Roam Mobility is looking to change that -- they want to provide a painless solution for roaming Canadians that gives them access to a
fast, reliable network (T-Mobile) while in the US.
Whether you're looking to use a basic handset, Liberty mobile hotspot or just want to use a a SIM / Micro-SIM card for your unlocked device, Roam has a plan and solution for you. You can choose between data only plans, text & talk, or text, talk and data and with these plans you are given the option to pre-pay for the time you will be here, or pay by day.
Instead of roaming and getting charged for that usage, you can connect to what is essentially a 'home' network and not worry about roaming charges.You can check out the Roam Mobility website for the full details and supported devices and plans.
Source: Roam Mobility
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