Sunday, February 26, 2012

Posted by Ray Nicolini

One very clever technique to staying connected to Toronto and all its inhabitants is with a Toronto virtual phone number. That’s the idea behind FlyNumber, we offer DID’s and virtual phone numbers to the public so they can have a presence where they don’t have the luxury of having an address.  

Most  of us who fall under the categories of entrepreneur, webmaster or internet junkie know of the benefits associated with having a virtual number. We use them to post on our “Contact Us” pages or maybe you used one because the travel site you developed needed a Canada virtual number for local clients to call.

You want to make a phone call, not fuss around with apps, pins, usernames, and calling cards. The alternative used to be paying expensive local carrier "International Rates". Flynumber eliminates the high cost but keeps the simplicity associated with just making a single phone call using a traditional dial-er.

Nader Jaber is CEO of (DID provider) while also active in New York real estate and angel investing

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