Sunday, July 22, 2012

ntoxicase Protects Your Phone, Opens Your Bottle, Counts Your Beers

Posted By Ray Nicolini

The Intoxicase Plus protects your iPhone, opens your beer (Photos: Intoxicase)
At a tailgate and no one brought a bottle opener? Maybe you can use one of the tricks you learned in college: Use a lighter, bang it on a table… but if you’ve got your phone wrapped in an Intoxicase Plus, you’ll always have an opener at hand.
Not just some novelty case with an opener welded to it, the Intoxicase Plus ($45)  was specifically designed to withstand heavy use. (And you heavy users know who you are…)  Slim and made of solid polycarbonate to protect your iPhone from dents, dings and scratches, the opener is crafted from stainless steel, and was “evaluated by  dozens bartenders (with) hundreds of bottles opened.” Good enough for bartenders, good enough for me.
And if having solid phone protection that’s your personal bottle popper isn’t enough for you, the Intoxicase Plus comes with a free app. The app features sound effects that play when you open a bottle, a counter that keeps track of how many bottles you’ve opened, and the ability to share your enjoyment of a cold one with the world via social media. And should your counter start winding up too high on a given night, you can also use the app to call a cab to get your beer-soaked self home.
So basically it’ll not only protect your phone, but you too.

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