Monday, July 27, 2009

Advanced Forwarder for Blackberry


"Advanced Forwarder is a reliable and instant call and SMS forwarding application for your BlackBerry devices. This useful utility allows the user to forward incoming calls and also SMS to any other mobile number. This feature can be enabled and disabled instantly according to the user’s convenience. It can be done from the phone itself or from any other number by sending a SMS command.The Advanced Forward application can be useful in several situations. Maybe you have left your cell phone at home, but you cannot afford to miss the incoming calls. This application comes handy in such situation. Again, in case you want to carry one single set instead of multiple one, then also you can divert the calls to the number you wish to carry. In case you are busy, then your calls can be diverted to someone else phone to handle. Thus, this is a pretty handy application in several situations.
Whenever a call comes to a phone that has this application enabled, the call automatically gets forwarded to the number that is set by this application. The caller never gets a hint of this happening. Again the SMS received gets forwarded instantly and thus, the SMS is available on both the forwarding and the forwarded device.
The Advanced Forwarder application maintains an event log of all forwarded communication. Both calls and text messages are stored in the event log along with a list of commands that have been given to the phone."
This application is much secured. This has a password protection feature that prevents any unsolicited access to the Advanced Forwarder. For a remote activation to be successful, the commands given remotely must contain the password as one data. Anytime the application is accessed, password has to be entered.
What makes Advanced Forwarder different?This service can be activated and deactivated from a remote location. Activation and deactivation can also be done locally.
Minimum Requirements of Advanced ForwarderBlackBerry phone with Operating system version 4.2.1 or higher is required for the application. Minimum display required for proper working of the application is 160×160.This application offers a number of benefits at a price of only $19.90. Even though the rate may sound high, but when you compare the benefits available, you might think otherwise. So, get your Advanced Forwarder today and make it a point that you do not miss out on anything.

Website: Advanced Forwarder Download
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