Thursday, July 9, 2009

What can I do with my Blackberry Today - The Blackberry Underground

News & Blogs - The Blackberry Underground: "Published by: Andrew on Wednesday 8th July 2009 11:07am"

Well, Maybe you’re at work, or rushing around at home...or out doing errands..or at the movies or out Clubbing. Maybe you just out for a walk or on your lunch, what every the place, whatever the space...why not take a picture with your blackberry and share it with others BB lovers and readers. Why not take a moment of your life, or life around you and write a quick blurb and let others experience what you are, whether good, bad, indifferent, beautiful, ugly or creative. Share your Life, as RIM would say. Your Blackberry is one of the most socially enabled devices you have in your life, use it to its fullest. Be an on the spot reported, or make a mini film, take a picture of your favorite foods, places, people....and post it.....but where you might about here "mybblife" (life With A Blackberry), it’s a blog with open access to everyone who wants to post to it, the post are immediate and are twittered for even more great exposure and acknowledgement.Its very easy to do, simply take a picture or video and email it to, and put your blog or post title in the subject line and a few or more words in the body....and send it...pow, wam, blam its that easy and fun.
Share a piece of your Life or the Life that’s around you...current events, news, human, pet interests, pretty much what every you can think of...come be social, and turn your BlackBerry into the Social Tool it was meant to be.
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