Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BB Tweet Media Player beta - share what you're listening to!

via: www.bberrydog.com by Alex Hosefelder.

Sometimes you’re listening to that one special song that you want everyone to know you’re listening to it right know. You can do that on platforms like MSN, BBM, etc. And finally a new app arrived on your BlackBerry giving you the possibility to share the song with all your followers on Twitter – BB Tweet Media Player.
BB Tweet Media Player is the first app that uses your existing music and shares what you’re listening to. It’s still in beta so don’t expect too much of it but what it’s all about is definitely a great start!
Basically it’s an all new media player providing you the choice of tweeting every single song that’s playing right to Twitter or to manually update your Twitter feed.
If you’re a music-lover like me you should definitely give it a try. Make sure to follow @bbtweetmedia to stay tuned on updates and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments or our forums!
via: www.crackberry.com
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