Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BlackBerry Tablet "Confirmed" - Will Be 7 Inches, Have Dual Cameras for Video Conferencing & Support Flash

 By : Mauricio via: www.blackberryrocks.com

BlackBerry Tablet Confirmed   Will Be 7 Inches, Have Dual Cameras For Video Conferecing & Support Flash
Just yesterday I posted about analyst Ashok Kumar providing info on the rumored BlackBerry Tablet to be offered by RIM. Today the info has been further “confirmed” by a source which has also provided another detail:
A source close to RIM confirmed to Betanews that Kumar’s statements were accurate, including the screen size, and the dual camera setup. But they gave us a bit of additional information that the rumors haven’t covered yet: Flash support.
Our source said that the BlackBerry tablet will indeed include Flash, and will have a hardware-based Flash accelerator.
That’s right…Flash! If you recall, Adobe announced Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile and mentioned that it would be available for BlackBerry devices “in the coming months”. Here’s what Kumar said about the tablet yesterday:
“Research In Motion (RIMM, Market Perform) is trying to pull forward the launch of the 7-inch touchscreen tablet from early next year to year end…with a marginal point of differentiation being the front- and back-facing cameras for videoconferencing,” he said in a research note Friday morning.
Since this info isn’t coming directly from RIM we can’t count it as official just yet but, since many sources are in agreement, it’s safe to assume the BlackBerry Tablet is indeed in development/production.

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