Sunday, September 9, 2012

Afterthoughts of Motorola’s unveiling event

razr m hd Afterthoughts of Motorolas unveiling event
Alright so the press conference on Wednesday is over and now that I’ve time to calm down from my excitement and get some other work done, I would like to express my thoughts on the whole event and the direction that Motorola seems to be going in. as you probably know by now, and if you don’t you should read our site more icon razz Afterthoughts of Motorolas unveiling event , Motorola had a press conference last week unveiling what is to be known as “The new RAZR Family.”
Yep, the phone that has been out for only 9 months is already being replaced. After birth, Verizon went back in bed with Motorola and out comes the RAZR M, HD, and MAXX HD. Three phones, for no reason.
Now my first complaint about this is an obvious one, who the fuck needs/wants the RAZR HD if there is a RAZR MAXX HD. They are the exact same phone software wise, yet the MAXX HD will have a bigger batter and larger internal storage. When reading that, who says “Nah, I want my phone to not last so long and not allow me to put so much on it.”? People, including myself, were mad when Moto did this shit in January — releasing the RAZR MAXX just 2 months after the original RAZR was released, dropping the price on the original. Motorola should cancel the HD and solely build the MAXX HD, rename it and offer it for the average of what the MAXX HD and regular HD will retail for. They wouldn’t believe how many sales they would get this way. I’m sure if the RAZR was never released and only the RAZR MAXX (under the name RAZR), for 250$ their sales would’ve skyrocketed.
Second, I’m glad the RAZR M is releasing this upcoming week, but what about the HDs? “Before the holidays” What the hell does that mean? Which should I be looking towards for judgement? Christmas? Thanksgiving? Halloween? Also how much are you going to rape my wallet? Should I just go get 350$ ready now? Don’t show me a product without telling me real information. Atleast Apple gets that right.
Also, what’s with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.x)? If Samsung can create a phone that’ll have Jellybean (Android 4.1) out the gate, then why can’t you? Especially when you have an undetermined amount of time to release it. Good job on saying that the HDs will be updated this year, but having a phone running JB at release will definitely give you an edge these days. That was one of the reasons the Galaxy Nexus slapped the RAZR in the face last year.
Lastly, umm so what’s on your phone? Good it comes with chrome and ICS, but what else does it have? What features should draw me to your phone rather than something else. Samsung throws features on their phones like it’s no one’s business. HTC tries to make their UI the prettiest, add DSLR cameras and make my ears bleed with Beats. Sony even let’s me bring my gaming system to my phone. And you, …..? Tell me what I’m getting into with these devices.
I did this out of love Motorola, I love you guys. your phones, your tablets, everything. The RAZR M is a great device with great specs and price. Thanks for offering 100$ for my outdated Motorola phones I have. Also, thanks for updating the new one “quickly”. These are just some points that really stressed me out. Don’t get me started on Amazon.
You’re still in my heart Moto. XD
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