Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samsung Mobile USA Facebook Page Asks Which Phone You Would Want On Deserted Island, Doesn’t Get The Response It Wanted

Posted By Ray Nicolini 
Via BGR.com

Uh oh Android faithful, better get in there and show some love for Samsung as a question posted on their Mobile USA Facebook page has backfired in a big way. When asked what would be the one electronic device respondents could bring on a deserted island, the response was definitely not what Samsung was hoping for. As of this writing, more than 90% of responses posted within the last 20 minutes has been “iPhone,” as I did see a few Galaxy S III responses thrown in there. Also, one person suggested a Microwave, though he didn’t specify if that Microwave was Samsung branded.
It’s more humorous than anything else and it just goes to show that social media campaigns don’t always work in the way we planned for, but it doesn’t change that the Galaxy S III has been a huge seller. Even more important is Samsung’s recent ad campaign against the iPhone 5 and we will see how they match up over the holiday season as the two flagship devices for the two biggest smartphone manufacturers.
Check out the page below and if you want, jump in there and show some support for Samsung.


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