Sunday, April 3, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook 7" Case Review: Ultimate SleeveCase from WaterField Designs

By Ray Nicolini

What's Hot: 
Solid, sturdy exterior and soft cushy interior.

What's Not: None.

WaterField Designs makes lots of bags for mobile gadgets; most of these bags are carefully designed and very well built. Their Ultimate SleeveCase for the BlackBerry Playbook 7" is no exception. We love the ballistic nylon shell, the super padded soft insert and the ease of use of this case. If you have a BlackBerry Playbook 7" and are looking for a case to protect it when not in use, take a closer look at this case.


The Ultimate SleeveCase is a very well designed case for serious protections yet looks elegant. The outer shell is made of indestructible ballistic nylon that’s waterproof and stab-resistant. So if you throw your BlackBerry Playbook in a bag with keys, stationary items and tools, you don't have to worry that these things might hurt your 7" tablet through the case because they won’t! The bottom of the Ultimate SleeveCase is lined with leather trim that comes in two colors, brown and Indian red. The leather is very nicely conditioned and feels soft yet thick. The case has a large Velcro strip for closure and an extra tab on the bottom where you can grab onto when you are taking the BlackBerry Playbook 7" out of the case.

The back of the Ultimate SleeveCase has a slot that runs the entire width of the case, and you can store a USB cable and earphone in the pocket. There isn’t a closure for this slot pocket, but it’s quite tight and should hold your wires just fine.

The Ultimate SleeveCase has a very padded interior that’s lined with soft Ultrasuede material. When you put your BlackBerry Playbook into of the case, it feels like you are sliding it into a stuffed cotton bag. In fact, the interior bulges a bit, so when you slide the Playbook in or out, it rubs on the tablet and clean the screen effectively. And since it’s very soft and cushy, it’s not hard to take the Playbook out of the case either.

Features and Quality

The Ultimate SleeveCase for the BlackBerry Playbook 7” is fitted design for transporting your tablet when not in use. If you wish to use the Playbook in another case, WaterField Designs offer two other cases that can accommodate it. The Ultimate SleeveCase is also TSA Checkpoint Friendly which means you don’t need to take the BlackBerry Playbook out of the case when going through airport security checks.

The Ultimate SleeveCase speaks high quality inside and out. The exterior nylon shell is specially made for this case based on the design, and scratch-free interior looks luxurious. The stitching is solid and flawless and everything is nicely built together. The black case with leather liner looks professional and goes well with the BlackBerry Playbook’s modern clean look.


The Ultimate SleeveCase for the BlackBerry Playbook 7” is a high quality case that can protect your tablet from water damage, scratches and bumps in a bag and even from certain amount of impact thanks to its thick padding. The case looks professional and it’s easy to use. Since the BlackBerry Playbook 7” is reasonably rugged compared to larger tablets like the iPad 2, many will use their Playbook naked, and this case is ideal for carrying your Playbook in a backpack, a computer bag or a purse.

Price: $49
Web site: WaterField Designs web site
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