Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Force The Latest OS Update on Your BlackBerry PlayBook using Desktop Manager

By Ray Nicolini
BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update
RIM is once again doing their rolling updates with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS updates. Some of you may have noticed your device is not getting notified with the latest update and I can kind of understand RIM trying to stagger out the 300mb downloads. Scott over at BBSync got a bit creative and found a way to get his PlayBook to perform an OS update to the latest release using a bit of trickery with BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It is not as simply as hitting check for updates and you MUST perform a backup of your PlayBook to not lose your information!
Here are the instructions for the trick:

  1. Open BlackBerry Desktop Software on your PC
  2. Do full backup on your tablet
  3. Go to Device > Update
  4. You will get a message “No Update Available”
  5. Press ok, leave your PlayBook connected via USB
  6. Press the Power Off app then select Restart
  7. Once the PlayBook boots up, you will be prompted to do the update
  8. Make sure to finish the whole upgrade process before doing a restore of your information!
Let us know how it works for you!
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