Friday, September 23, 2011

A nice advantage BlackBerry App World has over Android Market

Posted By Ray Nicolini

I was helping a friend set up their Android device yesterday, and they were so frustrated. They had issues with the hardware and it was replaced. While logging into their Gmail and going into the market they could only install apps they paid for. Now this Android user had about 80 apps, and the majority of them were free. They had to remember which application it was they had and search for them on the Android Market.
Now some may argue with me that my friend could have rooted her phone (which voids the warranty) to back up all apps to the sd card, or if she is running Android 2.2 or higher she can back up some apps to the sd card (which the keyword is some apps). So why are so many people raving about the Android market? I’m not sure about you but to have my pick from over 100′s of twitter apps or facebook apps is a little ridiculous.
Having 100s of farting apps or worst of all flashlight apps to choose from is insane. Or even my personal favorite battery status apps (that give you an exact percentage of what your battery life is, which actually runs your battery life down faster because it pings your battery every 1-10 seconds to see where it’s at) is useless. Worst of all you can’t reinstall FREE apps. So why the android market, or an android phone for that reason? I understand simplicity but how simple is having to remember and search for all the free apps you had downloaded? (Especially for the consumers who aren’t tech savvy)
Now let’s think about it if she was a BlackBerry user all her applications FREE or PAID would still be available for her to redownload, even apps that were uninstalled.  Now I am not saying that AppWorld doesn’t have its fair share of useless applications but at least when I wipe my phone, replace my phone due to malfunctions, or because of an upgrade my applications will still be in My World waiting for me to download regardless of it’s status of FREE or PAID.
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