Sunday, September 25, 2011

Start your path to wealth with The 1 Million Plan app

Posted By Ray Nicolini


You might have heard this before, but a 20 year old who saves 200$/month in an account yielding 8% annual interest would have over 1 million dollars by the time he's 65. Yet, over 95% of Americans retire broke every year. The 1 Million Plan is a software that calculates exactly how much money you need to save per month, and how long it will take in order to reach your financial goals. 

Some of the features included are:
  • Ability to change the default $1,000,000 monetary target to any amount of your choice
  • Create and permanently save plans for later reference.
  • Ability to email plans to yourself or someone else
  • Ability to add monthly payments leading to your financial goal to Blackberry Tasks, and be regularly reminded of upcoming payments.
Buy Now: $2.99
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