Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T3's concept mobile

The 01 Phone marches on with T3 reader-inspired upgrades and a prototype model just around the corner...

After tirelessly collating all of your revolutionary suggestions for the 01 Phone we’ve gone back to the drawing board, or at least The Alloy has – our drawing skills don’t extend beyond stick men. And now we're proud to present the upgraded, snazzed-up version of the 01 Phone, complete with nattily redesigned miniphone and based on what you want.

Click on the links below to launch the gallery and see how we've used the feedback from thousands of emails, comments and even phone calls we received from you guys to create the 01 Phone Mark.II. Then check out the video animation to see the handset is sexy 3D.

The 01's UI and features in pics: Amazing 01 phone Mk.III 01 phone Mk.II

So what's new?

We've dropped the miniphone/stylus that resided in the back of the handset. It's now a separate device with wired earphones, because 27% of you said you don't want to see wireless earphones. Its lithium polymer battery charges directly from the main phone and it can be clipped onto your collar for making and receiving calls, as well as listening to music.

The 5.0-megapixel camera has been upgraded to 8.0-megapixel and we've also promised to include a Xenon flash. All the better to see you with.

And what's next?

Firstly, we’ll be creating a model of the 01 Phone with an operational slide-out keyboard and port cover, and we'll be taking that to Mobile World Congress to see what the industry thinks of our game-changing device.

So if you're attending the show in Barcelona next week, drop in on The Alloy's stand and check out the 01 Phone for yourself - they'll have it on display, and would love the opportunity to show you the new features and get your feedback.
Then we’re turning our attention to China. We’ll be talking to manufacturers in the Far East to discuss actually making the phone. The Chinese market is vastly more advanced than Europe in terms of features, so if we’re going to make the most sophisticated phone ever we’ll be needing to forge relationships out there. Keep checking in at for updates…

In the meantime, check out our video (in full-screen for a better viewing experience) and new

photos here, and as ever, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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