Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekly Tips to Take Care of Pregnancy on Your BlackBerry

Weekly Tips to Take Care of Pregnancy on Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry is the manufacturer of mobile phones, which started production of their wireless devices in 1999. The BlackBerry devices offer high quality performance with best quality features. The brand is also provided with all kinds of quality applications. The phones have really become a good companion of the users with its renowned features. Nowadays, variety of guide books and medical prescription books are also available in the form of BlackBerry applications.
Medical prescription guide:

We all face some typical medical problems where we get into a dilemma regarding what to do. Again, self medication sometimes creates dangerous problems for us. Either due to lack of time or lethargic nature, we fail to approach a medical practitioner and take erroneous decision regarding treatment by ourselves. With the advent of medical guide books in the form of applications available for BlackBerry sets, we can take care of our health in a better way and take the proper decisions. These applications are regularly updated from the web with modern facts and information which keep us aware of what to do and what not.

Pregnancy week by week
Like many medical guides, Pregnancy week by week is also a medical guide application which has every critical information and suggestions to take care of pregnancy both pre and post pregnancy care. There are more than 70 topics covered in this application guide which are regularly updated with new products, topics, information and their use. It is the version 1.05 currently available in the market designed by Incelligence, Inc. This is unique application which will guide you like a doctor and take care of your situation carefully.

Requirements and compatibility
It is simple yet helpful software which enables you to get valuable information about medical complications during pregnancy. It is compatible with almost all BlackBerry models. It can be seen functioning on most operating systems, but work best at v4.7 Trackball. The application can also be played at a low display dimension of 160 x 160. However, the best results will be available in 480 x 360.

Easy to Afford
The product is not only easy to use but it is also available in low prices. It just costs $15.95 and is also available in a trial version. Keeping in mind the high demand for this product is now also available in discount for $9.95 only.

Hope this BlackBerry application product will serve all your pregnancy care queries and will guide you to live a happy healthy life.
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