Thursday, August 13, 2009

BerryAddon Public Beta – Awesome Little All-In-One Utility

BerryAddon Public Beta – Awesome Little All-In-One Utility

Tim let me know about the public beta of BerryAddon from an unknown company called Twinkler Software Products. It is in free beta right now but it looks like they will be charging for it in the future since there is a registration page. It just popped up on the radar in the last few weeks and looks like a VERY powerful little tool that takes less than 90kb! There is really no other name for such an app other than an All-In-One utility

You can find the desktop installation files at this thread on BBforums and there is an OTA link (OS 4.5 OS 4.6+). The latest version is 0.91 for the Bold.

PS: I could have sworn we mentioned a similar utility before but maybe it is called something else since I cannot seem to find it…

Core features

•Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
•Vibrate when ringing
•Log placed/received call to calendar and mark them as private events
•After call, prompt to add call number to addressbook
•Create calendar, task, memopad and addressbook item in phone log screen
•When creating contact, you can add new contact or update exist contact
•Firewall with blacklist and whitelist, also can block private and unknown numbers.
•Log blocked call to calendar
•Import/export firewall blacklist and whitelist
•Email signature
•Send sms/email/pin message to calendar,task,memo and addressbook to create new item
•Save sms/email/pin message as text document
•Mark email with red exclamatory mark
•Convert event to task item
•Convert task item to event
•Insert emoticon into sms/email/pin message
•Emoticon customize and import/export
•Insert contact’s number or email address into sms/email/pin message
•Open and save text document in memopad application
•Auto lock keypad when screen goes blank. you can create exceptions to disable this feature
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