Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SmrtGuard upgraded to version 1.95

SmrtGuard upgraded to version 1.95

Looks like we got another software upgrade.

This time it is SmrtGuard and it has been upgraded today to version 1.95. Change Log:

1. More Robust Remote Wiping that wipes out Password Word Keeper, Facebook, Phone Application
2. Backup and Restore secured by Advanced Encrption Standard (AES) encryption
3. Easy and secured activation verification process with secure key exchange mechanism via HTTPS
4. New "Smrt Backup" that only backs up if there have been changes in your personal data. It is a more efficient way to backup!
5. Bug fixes on dashboard

To upgrade, all you need to do is point your blackberry broswer to SmrtGuard - Your Smartphone Guardian™ and click on download.

(Via BlackberryOS)
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