Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cydia App Store coming to Macs “within weeks”

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you may’ve heard of Jay “saurik” Freeman. If not – you should know he’s the main brain behind the popular Cydia app store where folks who want more from their iDevices go for the latest apps and iOS modifications that don’t sing along Apple’s iOS development policies.
Well, Jay said that Mac users will get their Cydia store “within weeks,” too. Speaking at the 360|MacDev, he bashed Apple for all the iOS restrictions imposed by the company, going further to foresee that many of the restrictions will move to the Mac App Store.
As part of the plan to deliver Cydia on desktops and laptops, Freeman created a new version of MobileSubstrate called “CydiaSubstrate,” which can run on both iOS and Mac OS. He said: “Just like you can make all these modifications on the iPhone, you can make these same modifications on the desktop. Until now, there has never been a way to easily install modifications to the system or third-party applications, as well as keep them updated.”
We can only hope he’s wrong, but something tells me he’s right on target… In the meantime, developers interested in getting their products into Mac Cydia were told to email patrick at saurikit.com for further details.
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