Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gestures on BlackBerry PlayBook: Everything You Need To Know

By Ray Nicolini

Navigating blackberry playbook
The BlackBerry PlayBook is scheduled to launch in roughly 20 days, and we’re betting you will start to see lots of fun PlayBook related news over the next few weeks. This is only one of the great teases you will see leaking out about the PlayBook. The folks at CrackBerry have posted up a great starter guide for the BlackBerry PlayBook, which shows you all the gestures needed to control your PlayBook tablet. Below are some of my favorite and most useful gestures… You can read the entire guide here.

Show Home Screen:

Blackberry playbook navigation 4
Showing the home screen is simple. Just swipe from the bottom bezel upwards.

Show Main or Application Menu:

Blackberry playbook navigation 5

Swipe from the top bezel downwards to see the application menu

Switch Between Apps

Blackberry playbook navigation 6

You can switch between apps on your PlayBook, without opening the main screen. To do this simply swipe from right side bezel towards left.

Close an Application

Blackberry playbook navigation 8
To close an app on the PlayBook OS simply toss it from the mid-screen upwards.
These are just some of the most useful gestures I’ve seen so far. You can check out the entire post over at CrackBerry.
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