Monday, March 7, 2011

Video: QNX Talking About How They Power the BlackBerry PlayBook

Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link

Most of the video demos of the BlackBerry PlayBook have been done by the RIM side of the PlayBook team and we have not heard much from QNX since September. We have seen one or two demos with a QNX PlayBook in a car but those have been weak. Bla1ze over @CrackBerry spotted a video interview done by ARMDevices at Embedded World 2011 of a QNX rep showing off the PlayBook. The interviewer seems a bit confused about what to ask but the QNX rep does give an interesting take on how they have been empowering the PlayBook with features like Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) in the TI 4430 OMAP processor.
Let us know if you spot any other good videos. I am just waiting for RIM to finally release the device or at least offer up a release date!
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