Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leaked Software Roadmap For 2011 Hints at Possible OS 7 End of Year

By Ray Nicolini

rim-blackberry-2011-software-roadmapHere is a bit of good news for those of you wondering what RIM has planned for the rest of this year. N4BB has posted some screenshots that has a potential roll out date and end of life for some apps. One of the most intriguing news to take away from here is that RIM has a potential integration date for OS 7. Back at DEVCON we learned that RIM was planning on porting the QNX Operating systems to the BlackBerry smartphones.  This leaked screenshot of the 2011 roadmap hints at OS 7.0 roll out late this year around the end of November.
OS 7 (possibly QNX based OS)
Most likely the devices that will first see a QNX based OS will have to be devices with dual core processors from what RIM CEO has stated. Devices that Roll out with 6.1 in the next few months may see a QNX software update later but that is a maybe. This makes us believe that we will also see some nice new BlackBerry devices towards the end of the year possibly some that we have not learned about at this time.
BIS 4.0
The update to BIS 4.0 should roll around April or May and later in August to 4.1
BlackBerry Protect
Earlier today RIM launched BB protect for Latin and North America but it looks like we should see BlackBerry protect 1.1 for OS 6.1 around May of this year possible launch at BlackBerry World Congress which makes us think RIM will announce the new line of devices with 6.1 at the same time.
BlackBerry protect 1.2 Beta is scheduled around this same time.
App World For PlayBook
The road map hints at a march release so hopefully that means we will see the PlayBook release date announced sometime in the next two weeks. (Hopping to be right)
BlackBerry News Feeds and End of life for VIIGO
Personally I have not been impressed with the BB news feeds it has ways to go I only installed and deleted it this right away since there are better ones out there.  An update for this application to 1.1 should be released in May.   End of life for VIIGO is set for August.
Social Feeds  May 2.0 OS 6.1
Social feeds is schedule to receive an update to 2.0 that includes 6.1 support with better inbox integration.
  • Additional content and Favorites view
    • support for notifications on specific views, notifying users when people/content is posted that they are specifically interested in.
  • Read/unread status indicators
  • Community specific funtionality through Timeline (e.g comments, Re-Tweet)
  • BB News integration for RSS content
BB News RSS v1.1
  • integration with Social Feeds
  • Preloaded on 6.1
  • Ad Support
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Push Notifications
Facebook 2.0 May 2011
We saw a preview of what Facebook 2.0 is going to look like a while back and this update should bring a new UI and with chat support.
Other applications that will see updates for 6.1 support include Twitter 1.1, Facebook 1.9.1 and Ticket Master update to v2.0
Note that these are potential release dates and that can change at any time.


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