Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot Giggity Dogger

The World's Tastiest Hot Dog
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Do you love Hotdogs?

Well so do we.

At the Hot Diggity Dogger we've been working for over 40 years to bring you the perfect dog. The Hot Diggity Dogger is a unique toaster that BBQ's two wieners to juicy perfection while warming the buns - all in one convenient device! One of the most fun kitchen appliances you will ever own!

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The Secret

Barbequeing the hotdog vertically allows the juices to baste the wiener while removing excess fat from the meat. This ensures the flavour is kept inside the wiener to create what we're sure is the best Hot Dog you'll ever taste. You are about to experience a revolutionary way to cook and enjoy the most delicious wiener you've ever tasted!!

See how it works

Enjoy yours today!

If you enjoy hotdogs, this is the perfect kitchen appliance for you. Get your hands on the World's Tastiest Hotdog today.

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