Thursday, June 23, 2011

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 Demonstration

Godberry Godberry2
Since BlackBerry World last month I have not seen that much coverage of the unreleased BlackBerry Bold 9900. I was happy to see that PhoneArena got a chance to play around with the device recently and report back. The devices at BlackBerry World were running a pretty early OS but this device seems to be responding beautifully to the reviewers every touch.
I liked the hands on by John because it highlights the biggest feature of BlackBerry 7. By giving the OS double the processor speed it suddenly flies! When is the last time you heard a BlackBerry reviewer calling the device peppy, screaming, effortless, and responsive. Personally I am just happy to see the Bold 9000 style resurrected with a touchscreen. I remember back in the day we used to call the then mythical touch/QWERTY Bold the GodBerry. Check out their hands on video to see what I mean:
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