Thursday, April 15, 2010

BlackBerry Pro5 Version Theme by Natemz

I will admit that I am a "theme junkie".

Thus I am qualified to write a review on Natemz's newest creation, BlackBerry Pro v5 for the BlackBerry Storm.

BlackBerry Pro v5 has evolved from four previous versions in the Pro line, and Yes, I have had them all !! Every version has improved over the previous version, which always surprised me, as I didn't think that was possible. This NEW v5 is no exception.

I, along with the rest of the Staff here at BBOS, were treated with being able to beta test v5. The very first thing I noticed was the vibrant color, and the sharpness, and clarity of all of the icons. The next thing I was pleased to see was how very fast, and smooth the transitions were on this gem. This is an extremely attractive theme.

But, as the "theme junkie" I have admitted being, I have had many other "pretty" themes on my Storm, and some not so much. Good looks alone are not enough for me to keep a theme on my BB. Functionality, and ease of use are the main-stays for me. I don't like to have to make multiple moves to activate what I need. On BlackBerry Pro v5 I have access to 22 icons and hotspots on the main screen, right at my fingertips. There are 11 preset BlackBerry applications on the dual launch bar at the very bottom of the main screen. Messages, SMS, BBM, calendar, contacts, and browser on the first one. Options, music, pictures, memopad, voice notes, and calculator on the second one. Above that there are 5 user defined icons that disappear with a touch. There is a QuickLaunch hotspot at the top of the screen, and a hotspot for applications menu on the lower half of the screen. The top banner has a very nice battery meter, profiles, clock, and manage connections slots. The main screen has a Weather / OCD slot in the upper left corner. If that's not enough Nate made us a 10 entry hidden today area that is very clear, and very sharp.

Wait....I don't want to forget's available in 7 vibrant colors !!!

Can you tell I like this beauty yet ?

As a self-proclaimed theme junkie, I couldn't begin to guess how much money I have spent on themes over the last couple years, and I hope my wife never finds out, but she wouldn't mind this one at all, because Nate has done all this exceptional work to create this fantastic theme and is giving it to all his friends here at BBOS absolutely FREE !!

I've only written about the Storm version of BlackBerry Pro v5 as this is the only BB I have.BlackBerry Pro v5 is available also for the Tour and for the Bold !!

I want to personally thank Nate for his obvious hard work and also his dedication to BBOS and all it's members. Thank you.

Now, everybody grab yourself a copy of BlackBerry Pro v5 !! The hardest part will be determining which of the 7 colors is your favorite !!

Mine is blue.
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