Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HP Slate gets unofficially reviewed before release date

Tech blog,, reportedly got its hands on a pre-release copy of the HP Slate and did a quick unofficial hands on review. The review, in Spanish and machine-translated by Google, is not kind toward the Windows 7-powered device. The review is peppered with negativity including the observation of ”a long and annoying load time operating system” and a final verdict upholds the less-than enthusiastic theme of the review by proclaiming that the device and its experience is “meh”. On the plus side, the device has “expansion ports ad-nauseum” and, though made of plastic, the slate “feels dense and tough”. Overall, the reviewers see this device as a portable competitor to netbooks and not necessarily the proverbial iPad killer that the device is touted to be.
[Via PC World]
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