Friday, April 16, 2010

Pandora for BlackBerry Updated to

Pandora for BlackBerry
A quick note here for users of the Pandora for BlackBerry client. If you’ve been experiencing ANY issues with the app, it’s recommended you make the update. Although the latest release is a very minor incremental update, it does address some issues, including:
  • better handling/closing of network connections due to bad connections, poor signal strength, etc.
  • misc changes to enhance reliability and performance
If you do install, you should get bumped up to version Again, no need to install this if it’s smooth sailing with your current app… But if you’ve encountered connection problems, poor reliability, etc… it’s worth a look.
To get started you should be able to update from within Pandora. Try hitting the meny key once you’re in, and an upgrade option should be there. After install, you’ll need to reboot.

[Via: BerryReview]
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