Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sirius Radio for Canadian BlackBerry is finally here

We let you know when SiriusXM became available as a BlackBerry App and we reviewed the SiriusXM app, the only drawback was that it was only available for the U.S., and now it’s finally available for Canada as Sirius! There seems to be a bit of a difference between them, let’s take a closer look…

SiriusXM has a devoted following of users, and it’s nice that they are able to use it not only at home and in their car, but also on their phones. You can listen to it over both 3G and WiFi. There’s a 14 day free trial and then it’s $7.99 for a monthly subscription, or if you’re a current subscriber it’s only $2.99 monthly. When looking at the U.S. version, it states the app can play over 120 channels of the SiriusXM programming you love (with the exception of Howard Stern, which isn’t one of my personal faves anyhow) and the Canadian version states that it has over 100 channels of the Sirius programming you love on your BlackBerry.

I like the variety SiriusXM has to offer, but I’m partial to Pandora as I can start a song from the beginning, or even Slacker. I don’t get that opportunity with SiriusXM. With SiriusXM, it’s just like turning on the radio, however you can still listen to the channels you love.

If you’re interested or are a current subscriber, you can grab your trial copy now, and if you’re a subscriber, log in with your user name and password and get more serious about your Sirius.

Download the Canadian Sirius Radio App For BlackBerry here

Download the U.S. SiriusXM Radio App For BlackBerry here

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