Friday, May 7, 2010

Archos 7 Android Home Tablet for $199

Portable-multimedia-gadget maker Archos on Thursday announced the Archos 7 Home Tablet: It's "the first large-screen Android-based tablet," according to the company, offering "always-on access to the Web, e-mail, photo, video and a dedicated library of Android Apps enabling users to customise the device to their lifestyle."

The very portable Archos 7 features a 7-inch high-res touchscreen (800 by 480), weighs a mere .8 pounds, and is just .47 of a inch thick. It comes with 8GB of Flash memory and has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity; it also can connect to your PC or other devices via USB.

The Archos 7 is rated for 7 hours of video or 44 hours of audio playback. Selected apps are preinstalled, including the book-reading app Aldiko, eBuddy for IM, and DailyPaper.  Other apps developed expressly for the device will be available to download. The table will play MP3 files and you'll also have access to Deezer, a the free music-streaming service.

If you're comparing this tablet in your mind to that tablet from Apple, here's one big differentiator: The price will be $199.99 list. You can pre-order at Amazon and get your Archos 7 early, in mid-May; it will hit other retailers in June.
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