Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free BB App: Add Current Location to Text Messages with Wizi SMS Location

There’s a lot of BlackBerry users out there freaked out by the whole “send my location” function on BBM.  Then there’s the rest who find it useful when trying to find out exactly where friends, family, and coworkers are at the moment.  With Wizi SMS Location, you can have your location sent out within a text message.  The app is super light on your BlackBerry, so don’t worry about space or leaks. Integrated with the Contacts Book and SMS application, it basically just adds a tiny URL to the SMS messagelinking to the location map, that can be opened on any phone with web access. So now you’re not limited to send it to your BlackBerry buddies only but also your iPhone, Android, and other web enabled devices.  Location address and GPS coordinates may be automatically added to the sent message also.
  • Adds a new option to Contacts Book
  • Finds user on map using GPS and Cell ID
  • Adds a tiny url to the message linking to a map of the location
  • Allows switching between Map View and Satellite View
  • Search locations by address
  • Allows automatic insertion of address in text message
  • Allows automatic insertion of GPS coordinates in text message
Wizi SMS Location is free to download from the PocketBerry Store.  Use the link below to download today over the air.
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