Saturday, May 8, 2010

OS 6 Theme With Sliding Dock, Customizable Icons and Today Feature

After getting a preview of OS 6 at WES, BlackBerry users everywhere are hoping that their device will get the upgrade. The reality is that many of the older devices won’t be getting the update, and it’s possible that even newer devices such as the Storm2 won’t be OS 6 compatible. Thankfully theme designers such as WJD Designs can at least give users the look of 6 with these such as this.
This BlackBerry 6 theme features:
  • Today Feature (only on the Storm)
  • 24 Customizable Icons on Storm Devices (change application Icon order)
  • 18 Customizable Icons on Other (change application Icon order)
  • 3 Screen Slide Docks
  • Hidden Dock Feature for Full Screen wallpaper
  • Just over 1 MB in size
  • Minimal Lag and Multi Function
  • Custom Icons to mimic new OS 6 Icons

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