Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rim is Considering Making a BlackPad (bPad)

blackpadBBleaks is reporting this morning that they have heard word from an insider that RIM is really working on a tablet as well. Just a few days back, I heard that RIM had ordered parts that would indicate that it was indeed the case. Take this as RUMORS since there is no solid evidence at the moment, just word of mouth, but it is interesting to see news that a BlackBerry tablet could be due soon.
The evidence:
  • RIM orders parts for a large touch screen
  • OS 6.0 has many features for touch screen devices
  • BBleaks has been fairly accurate at digging some juicy information
  • Smaller and thinner than Ipad
  • Code name BlackPad
  • full BlackBerry OS compatibility and functionality
So the question is, how likely are you to buy a tablet, or do you even want to see RIM making one? I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing RIM make one. I sure wouldn’t buy an iPad, but I would buy one if RIM made one. If the news is true, don’t expect to see it until sometime next year. RIM does take a long time to release devices and especially since this is a whole new game for them, maybe the Storm was just a stepping stone for them.
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