Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rogers Long-Distance Voice Add-On Revamped

Rogers LongD Rogers Long Distance Voice Add Ons RevampedRogers significantly updated their texting services yesterday, and are following-up today with some new long-distance voice plans. For an extra $5/month, Rogers (NYSE: RCI) customers can get 10 cents/minute on any call in the U.S or Canada (normally $0.35/minute), and for $35/month, they get unlimited calling. Theses will be replacing the old add-ons, which used to offer 25 or 125 minutes in Canada only, or Canada + U.S. 500-minute bundles.  It’s nice and all that your bucket of Rogers minutes can be applied to Canada or U.S. without having to think too hard about it, but there are way fewer in-between options; it looks like if you need long-distance on it’s an all or (next to) nothing situation.
You can find more info and sign up for the new long-distance voice add-ons at Rogers.
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