Monday, May 17, 2010

Elecite Theme Creators Test Out BlackBerry Storm 3 - Sketched Out & Specs Released

Via PocketBerry by Mac Jadalhack


Who would mind this? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like RIM is up to renovating their product line this far.  Or not.  According to the folks over at Elecite, they have played around with the Storm 3 and have mocked up these images based on their user experiences.  As a BlackBerry Storm 3, this is pretty darn sexy though.  As more of the attention lately has been focused on the all new BlackBerry Bold 9800, we’ve sort of lost touch on the Storm 3.  So what do we know about this BlackBerry Storm 3? It looks like it has 16GB of internal memory via SSD hybrid technology, 10 hour talk time and 3G with a 300 ppi screen resolution.  Sound exciting so far?  It has some sleek glassy material added to it which Elecitesays “entices your fingertips with its sharp, confident form factor.”  Also, it has a high resolution dual-lens reflex camera which comes in handy for video chatting and conferencing (and taking pictures of course).  The device is running OS 6.o, as we predicted and is very snappy and responsive at the same time.  Audio and video format playback is now doubled as it supports many file types now.  Lastly, the all time BlackBerry favorites are there: WiFi and the all new Bluetooth 3.0.  We haven’t heard of any one else reporting a BlackBerry Storm 3 testing so this is quite exciting for us all.  For now we have these mocked up images rockin’ Elecite themes, but boy are they sexy.
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