Thursday, May 6, 2010

iPhone App Replaces Stompbox, Adds Guitar Effects

iPhone iRig iPhone App Replaces Stompbox, Adds Guitar Effects
If you’ve been interested in obvious music production capalities of the iPhone, you’ll probably like the AmpliTube iRig. Although not available quite yet, the app, when combined with a special plug in the 3.5 mm headphone slot that splits off to your amp and your guitar/bass, provides access to a wide variety of effects. Out of the box, you can have three simultaneous stompboxes, an amp, a cabinet, and microphone effects, with an in-app store expanding the selection to ten stomps, five amps, two microphones ($2.99 each) and cabinets ($4.99 each). As icing on the cake, you can store and load up to 36 presets, and it comes with a metronome.
I’m no musician, and so have no idea what half of that really means, but the fact that those who are can start subbing out no doubt expensive custom equipment with software-based, customizable and expandable iPhone apps is really awesome. Three versions of ApliTube will be available, including a free one with two stompboxes, one amp and cabinet, and two microphones. The LE version will come with an extra two stompboxes, and will go for $2.99, while the full version will go for $19.99 and the dongle will cost $39.99. For a closer look at how it all works, take a look at their video demo – we’ll keep you posted when it’s available for sale.
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